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Peugeot Boxer Van Review

July 14th, 2023

The Peugeot Boxer Van At A Glance

Immediately noticeable, the Peugeot Boxer van boasts a large contemporary design with a sleek and appealing appearance. Unquestionably user-friendly, although the Boxer may not be the most versatile van you can buy, the countless tech and body options are a great selling point. This versatile tradesperson van is undoubtedly a worthy contender and is available for customization at your convenience – from body sizes to optional comfort features.

With a respectable payload capacity and low operating costs, the Peugeot Boxer gives consumers five different variants to choose from and a variety of body types. A very wide load space and plenty of technology make this a road-ready van for the most part, even though the driving experience is perhaps dated and competitors’ handling and road usability are generally better.

Read ahead and discover the specifics of this fantastic modern model, including details on the engine, in-cab features, and much more.

Engines And Spec

Each unique variant retains features and measurements that are worth noting, with the standard Boxer van possessing a standard length of 4150mm and a usable external width of 2184mm. Competitive with those of other vans selling for a similar price, the main takeaway here is that Peugeot’s offering outperforms rivals in terms of payload and cargo capacity, but perhaps lacking the raw power of other readily available van models.

Peugeot Boxer models tend to be on the larger side, and this is true to say of the latest edition. An overall internal height of 2682mm and 1400 kg payload ticks two boxes, meanwhile The Boxer, which is powered by a 2.2-liter engine. Though the typical non-electric Boxer retains a fuel economy that is fairly subpar, up to 154 miles of range in electric models act as a strong incentive to go green and save money. Want to look elsewhere? For a wide array of diesel, petrol and electric vans, don’t hesitate to take a look at the Van Sales UK range. With hundreds of new favourites, we’re sure to stock a model ideal for you. You may want to consider used vehicles or part-exchange options for even more savings.


Everything you could possibly want is included here – and Peugeot’s recognisable in-cab technology is an unsurprising standout. The bare necessities will come as standard in any model you choose, and delivery drivers or tradespeople will find particular comfort inside the Peugeot Boxer Van. There is plenty of room in the spacious cabin, allowing for simple movement and equipment storage – while organising tools and supplies becomes simple with cleverly crafted compartments and shelves.

Long drives are made significantly more comfortable thanks to the ergonomic seating, which also helps with fatigue. The cabin also features cutting-edge technology, keeping drivers entertained and connected with a user-friendly infotainment system. The 5′′ touchscreen has a usable interface and a tidy dashboard presentation.

Overall, the interior of the Peugeot Boxer Van combines comfort, technology, and usability to create the perfect workspace for delivery drivers and tradespeople to excel in their careers. optional load area lighting, internal lockable storage units, and helpful reversing cameras are very useful too, allowing the consumer to pick and choose what they require. Seeking more info? There’s plenty of additional insight within our dedicated Peugeot Boxer Low Loader Van review.

Pros & Cons


  • Tech considerations are noticeable

  • Every detail is accounted for

  • Plenty of internal storage


  • Not one for those who focus purely on the driver POV

  • A huge emphasis on plush features

  • Fuel economy could be viewed negatively

The Verdict

Thoroughly impressed by this distinctive van, we applaud Peugeot for designing the Boxer in the manner they have, since many contemporary tradesperson vans fall short. Although some disadvantages might be considered a deal-breaker for those who favour the direct driving experience only, the numerous mix-and-match designs are definitely a selling point. In summary, the Peugeot Boxer van is a dependable workhorse for professionals thanks to its adaptable and roomy design.

A pleasant and safe driving experience is guaranteed by its plush interior, and cutting-edge safety equipment. If you have any questions about the Nissan Primastar Van or our services in general, give us a call on 0117 205 2657 or email us at


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