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Peugeot e-Boxer Luton vs Volkswagedn E-Crafter Luton

March 9th, 2023

There is no question that electric vans are the future. In fact, electric vans are the present. In recent years, the tide has been turning and now almost every large vehicle manufacturer has an electric range. This new generation of cars and vans are both capable when it comes to their power and capable of saving the planet. This environmental issue is naturally a primary concern and many people are now switching to this form of power to try to do their bit to save our amazing planet. So, what about electric vans? Are these new electric renditions of the famous van really capable of doing the job? Well, keep reading this blog to find out more!

Peugeot are, unquestionably, a vehicle manufacturing giant. The car brand has a tight grip over the majority of the French car market. In fact, for some time, they have been one of the leading brands in developing electric technology and now they have a capable and successful electric car range and electric van range. The e-Boxer is, of course, the brand’s electric variant of the world-famous boxer van. This chassis has built up an impeccable reputation and the new electric model really is making waves in the industry. So, how good really is this van? Will it provide you with the comfort, range, and power to actually function as your main van for work?

If we’re completely honest, Volkswagen needs no introduction. The German brand has been one of the world’s leading car builders for well over 50 years now and, in that time, they have created an outstanding reputation. The Transporter van practically invented the modern checklist for what a van needs to be capable of, and they are still creating brilliant vans to this day. It’s no wonder then that the German super-brand has moved into the electric market and excelled in it, too. The latest E-Crafter is just the most recent example of the manufacturer creating a real gem of a vehicle. So, how does it compare to the e-Boxer Luton? Keep reading this blog to find out!

Engines and Spec

When it comes to vans and especially boxer vans, electric motors really are a perfect fit, but why is this? Well, essentially, it comes down to one word. Torque. Torque is the name given to the force which makes a vehicle pull heavy loads and, of course, boxer vans need to be able to pull extremely large loads with ease. These new electric motors produce almost instantaneous torque, so your van will have no trouble at all with pulling heavy cargo. So, for a boxer van, the electric motor is perfect. So, how do these two vans compare with their electric motors?

The Boxer Luton has a 90kW electric motor. This motor has an incredible amount of torque and will certainly provide enough power for your van. These motors are incredibly reliable and certainly have a brilliant reputation in the vehicle world. In fact, this van is capable of a very impressive 154 miles on one charge. This statistic coupled with the many electric charging points which can be found dotted around the UK makes this electric van a brilliant choice for anyone looking.

As for the Volkswagen E-Crafter, it also has a brilliant electric motor. Naturally, VW has not cut corners when it comes to the quality of the motor. It is impeccably reliable and laden with horsepower and torque. What’s more, it is capable of 107 miles on a single charge.


As you might well expect, both of these vans have brilliant interiors. They are modern, bright spaces which have lots in the way of storage and technology. This is, of course, vital when it comes to a van, as you will want it to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

What’s more, both of these vehicles come with electronic screens that can act as both a media player and a navigation system, so needn’t waste your phone’s battery! We’re sure this will prove incredibly useful for those Monday morning commutes.

The Verdict

Of course, when it comes to running costs, both of these vehicles really are a shining example of what is possible. They will be completely free of charge in terms of road tax, low emission zones, and congestion charges. What’s more, charging them up will cost next to nothing! This is brilliant news if you spend a lot of money on fuel at the moment and with the cost only set to rise more in the coming years, making the move to electric power has never been more important.

So, if either Peugeot e-Boxer Luton or the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton is the van for you, then make sure you contact us today!


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