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Peugeot e-Boxer Tipper vs Renault Master Z.E Tipper

March 24th, 2023

The electric revolution has most certainly arrived. In fact, last year alone electric vehicles made up an impressive 17% of all new car sales in the UK sitting above diesel vehicles for the very first time. Of that 17% a staggering 66.7% of the vehicles were bought for businesses to add to their existing fleets. It is clear then that electric vehicles are now a viable option for your personal car as well as your business vehicle, but what about vans? Well, two manufacturers, in particular, are leading the way.

So, let’s start with Peugeot. The French brand is undoubtedly a giant when it comes to the vehicular world. They are, of course, famed for their brilliantly clever city cars which seem to boast increasingly impressive practical stats and features which make them a firm favourite among commuters.

Aside from this market, which Peugeot continues to dominate, they also make distinctly impressive vans. With the French brand’s range moving further towards a fully electric fleet the vehicle giant has moved into the world of electric vans and the e-Boxer is their flagship. With infectiously good statistics and a modern look, it’s no wonder that the e-Boxer is one of the most popular electric vans on the market today.

As for Renault they hardly need any introduction at all. They are the UK’s second-largest french car brand in terms of sales, falling just behind Peugeot with 28,487 sales last year. They have undoubtedly become a staple on our roads and there’s no guessing why really.

Despite the brand’s history of creating fairly ‘funky’ designs such as the endearingly unique Avantime, they have also built some of the world’s best vehicles. The Clio V6 for example is undoubtedly one of the best fast hatchbacks ever made. The three-door rocket has deservedly written itself into the history books thanks to its fantastic handling and jaw-dropping acceleration. The brand’s vans are also incredibly capable and their new electric range has started to really impress.

Engines and Spec

Both the Peugeot and the Renault have very commendable statistics when it comes to the power of their electric motors. This is hardly surprising really once you look into the benefits of electric power. One of these benefits which makes the electric motor so good for vans is torque. The torque figures for electric vehicles really are second to none thanks to the instantaneous transfer of power from the motor to the wheels.

When discussing the e-Boxer in particular the van comes with a 90kW motor which produces a very commendable 122hp. Certainly, the van is no slouch producing an impressive 260 Nm of torque.

As for the Renault, its strength doesn’t exactly lie with its speed. The van’s electric motor produces a modest 77hp. Though for a motor of this size, it packs an impressive punch with its torque statistics producing a very commendable 225 Nm.


Naturally, both of these vehicles have exceedingly impressive interiors. The manufacturers are clearly embracing the modern world and the inside of these vans truly shows this. They both feature incredibly comfortable seating with brilliant visibility of the road ahead and behind. Of course, blind spots are a common talking point in these large payload vans and especially with tippers. So, we’re sure that you will be pleased to know that both these vans have small blind spots which are easy to navigate and get used to.

The winner here though is, undoubtedly, the Renault. The van comes out on top in terms of functionality and storage which are likely two of your main considerations when it comes to your new van. So, if it’s the interior that means the most to you then you should probably go for the Renault.

The Verdict

There is no question that both of these vans are incredibly impressive vehicles. They have made the electric van not just a possibility but an unquestionable reality. Which is better for you? Of course, like every modern vehicle comparison, there are arguments for both of these vans. Though,  you should consider your own criteria and make an informed decision.

So, if it’s power that you’re after then the Peugeot is the van for you. Though if you want comfort and reliability then the Renault might be the best choice. Certainly, both of these vans have the capability to be your next large payload vehicle. All you need to do is work out what you value most in a van.

Whichever you choose, we can certainly help you find it. We have many years of experience in the van industry and will help you find the best possible deal on your new van. So whether it’s the Peugeot e-Boxer Tipper or the Renault Master Z.E Tipper contact us today!


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