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Peugeot e-Partner Electric Van Review

Peugeot e-Partner Van Review
January 12th, 2023

Peugeot e-Partner Van At A Glance

The demand for reliable electric vans has never been more evident in 2023, and with this clamour for versatile tradesperson vehicles comes a wave of new and improved releases from leading manufacturers. An electric variant of the popular Peugeot Partner, the e-partner is remarkably similar to the conventional diesel variant, so much so that you would struggle to pick them apart in some instances. Of course, the sustainable EV conversion yields many benefits (it can very quickly be charged – no need for pricey fuel stops), though a limited capacity for long-range driving is of course one of the main drawbacks.

Nonetheless, a reasonable driving range compared to small electric competitors is enough reason to consider one of Peugeot’s newest electric vehicle offerings, which we’ve found to be great for all manner of local tasks. For delivery drivers travelling around medium distances, to those anticipating a brief workplace commute, this van ticks all the boxes. Though motorway driving may be an issue due to the range, and tendency for high-speed manoeuvring to sink the battery, variable driving modes offer additional choice.

In brief, the impressive loadspace size manages to match the traditional diesel Partner, while there is additional storage room in the cab, which remains impressively uncramped as a result. A choice of panel or crew variants complete the package, and although the payload is perhaps somewhat lacking at first glance, it is important to mention that for a small van, you make the tradeoff for improved nimble navigation.

All in all, the lower energy costs per mile compared to diesel, and compatibility with clean air zones are always going to be the main selling point for an EV in 2023.  Bonus interior features boast a comfy cab experience with surprising amount of space, whereas an interactive touchscreen and smartphone connectivity suit the modern tradesperson down to a tee.

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Engines and Spec

As mentioned, the range is reasonable for a smaller EV, quoted as being up to 171 miles overall. Though this number is undoubtedly subject to change when you factor in the various driver modes, use of in-cab air conditioning and manner of driving, we’re impressed with this Peugeot’s ability to travel longer distances at a reasonable speed. Towing capacity up to 750kg makes this vehicle a trusty choice if you’re towing along another utility, while the 100kw electric engine output is equivalent to 136hp – the e-Partner certainly has a bite to it.

As useful as it is convenient, this vehicle’s battery is located handily beneath the seats for added cargo space. 30 minutes is all it should take to restore 80% driving range via a charging station, and with admirable power for such a nimble vehicle, seamlessly quiet driving is an added bonus. Comfortable at 70mph, this van doesn’t suffer from the same speed issues as some EV vehicles, though the tendency for motorway driving to drain the range makes it a situational choice. Looking for an affordable solution to your needs? We supply both used vans, and vehicles available via part exchange, ideal for when you’re seeking an upgrade.


Matching up with the ever-popular original diesel Partner, the decision to include an identical loadspace to non-electric variants is a smart one. Though a payload of 800kg leaves some room for improvement. A surprising amount of excess cab space for a smaller van was a welcome surprise, as was the well-thought-out interior set-up. Comfort is ensured thanks to the compatible mobile app ‘MyPeugeot’, which allows for easy control of charging, remote functions and even the exact cab temperature.

Practicality and comfort are the order of the day when it comes to the interior and list of features, with this EV boasting three distinct optional driving modes, for a flexible experience. The large colour touchscreen for driver and passenger comfort is extensive, but positioned in such a way that it may be somewhat awkward to use while driving. Further assets include an extensive safety kit, fully-carpeted cabin, electric, folding door mirrors, DAB radio connectivity and front fog lights.

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Pros & Cons


  • Fully compliant with clean air zones, with the same load space as a diesel Partner.
  • Nimble and easy to handle with a reasonable driving range.
  • Most specs are at least on par with other popular e-vans.


  • In-cab touchscreen is placed awkwardly.
  • May be better suited for use away from motorways and open roads
  • Not the fastest, though electric vans rarely are.

The Verdict

The e-Partner is a great choice for those using an EV for the first time, retaining many of the go-to features for those who use diesel tradesperson vans. With a good or above-average metric for most specs, there aren’t many drawbacks to mention for this nimble little van. If you’re looking for a bulky long-distance vehicle, then you’re looking in the wrong place, but for the intended purpose and for a specific audience, you can hardly go wrong with Peugeot’s miniature electric van offering.

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