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Peugeot Expert Van vs Peugeot e-Expert Electric Van

January 24th, 2023

Peugeot started out as a family business in 1810 making hand tools, kitchen equipment and bicycles. Over time their range expanded, first to a steam tricycle, then their first internal combustion car in 1890. Nowadays Peugeot is known as one of the biggest names in automobiles, selling a great selection of cars, vans, electric vehicles and even luxury cars.

The world was introduced to the Peugeot Expert in 1995, a light commercial vehicle that has become known for its reliability and great design. Since its release it has undergone a series of redesigns, each adding great new features to the vehicle. Currently in its third generation, the Expert recently underwent a facelift to replace its engines and update its features. In 2019, Peugeot introduced the e-Expert to the world, launching their fully-electric version of the Expert.

There is plenty of debate over which is better, a diesel van or an electric van. While an electric vehicle has less of an impact on the environment, some people prefer the reliability of a diesel variant. Van Sales UK has put together this helpful guide on the features of the two vans, so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you and your business.

Engines and Spec

Like most electric vehicles, the Peugeot e-Expert is powered by a battery motor, capable of providing a great driving experience, while producing fewer emissions. It is a 100kW (136hp) motor that will deliver up to 260 Nm of torque. As mentioned in our e-Expert review, this van comes with a choice of two battery packs. The 50kWh one offers a range of just under 150 miles, while the larger 75kWh battery pack can help you reach an impressive range of around 200 miles.

As mentioned previously, the Peugeot Expert recently updated its engines. The brand new 2.0-litres EcoJet diesel engine is 11% more fuel efficient than the previous model, while also offering a smooth engine performance when driving at low speeds. This engine helps to lower emissions while still maintaining a great drive.


The Peugeot Expert is a van built to impress, with an impressive maximum capacity of nearly 1500kg. The van comes in numerous lengths, so the exact payload capacity will vary between these, but even with the longer models, you can still expect a payload that will go the distance. Normally electric vehicles fall short on payload due to the battery being heavier, but you can still find an e-Expert with a capacity of around 1000-1200kg, depending on which model you go for.

In our review of the Peugeot Expert, we talked about that one way this van stands out is the crew cab option. This makes it great if you’re looking to transport a whole team, increasing the number of people who can ride from 3 to 6 because of the additional row of seats.

There are some small cosmetic changes between the Expert and the e-Expert. The e-Expert has a redesigned instrument cluster which includes a battery charge-level gauge, as well as new graphics for the infotainment system and a blanked-off grille. Both vans feature the same size cabin, which can feel slightly cramped, but if this is not a concern, there is still plenty of storage, including a space below the passenger seats for larger items.

The Verdict

Overall both vans are great choices for a business. The option to have either a normal cab or crew van enables it to be easily adapted for teams of all sizes, while the range of lengths is perfect for businesses who are carrying irregular size cargo. If you’re worried about range, the e-Expert can cover a considerable distance, but you may want the Expert if you’re planning on covering over 200 miles.

Shop with Van Sales UK to get your hands on brand-new, high-quality Peugeot vans at competitive prices. We have the Peugeot Expert in four distinct body types, so you can select the model that suits your needs. This includes three different body lengths and even a crew van for businesses that are looking to carry a lot of cargo and carry a team. If you’re after a Peugeot e-Expert, we stock this vehicle in two different lengths, as well as a crew van option.

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