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Prepping Your Van For An MOT

Prepping Your Van For An MOT
December 5th, 2022

MOT’s are an annual requirement if you own a road-vehicle. Acting as an annual inspection to diagnose any underlying issues with your choice of transport, an MOT should highlight any potential problems with your car, van or other automotive. There are plenty of steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for a routine check, which will be highlighted in the below blog. Continue reading and let Van Sales UK share some top tips on MOT preparation.

What An MOT Involves

An MOT will generally be carried out to learn more about your motor – from information about harmful emissions, to general unnoticed issues which require attention. Driving without a valid Ministry Of Transport inspection could incur hefty fines for an unsuspecting driver – so it’s within your best interests to stay updated. Of the areas regularly checked in an MOT, criteria will include:

  • Condition, security, legibility and format of registration plates.
  • The steering and suspension of a vehicle.
  • Condition and safety of seatbelts and seats – are they functioning correctly?
  • Inspection of exhaust and emissions, how compliant they are with national guidelines.
  • Any damage sustained to bodywork, doors and mirrors. For example, is there visible denting?
  • Overall condition of wheels, tyres and brakes.

Take It Section-By-Section

A thorough visual inspection can reveal a lot, and focusing specifically section-by-section should avoid anything being missed. Divide your van up into distinctive areas and make your way through, ensuring no stone is left unturned. There may be a quick and easy fix to many of the issues you encounter, so it’s always best to check before you consult a professional at your local garage.

Be Thorough!

Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle will likely reveal a lot, and although there are of course issues and underlying problems which will go undetected to the naked eye, a thorough and detailed insight will provide the very best chance of identifying discrepancies.

If you do fail your MOT, you will be given a refusal of MOT certificate. This means that your vehicle must then be repaired and retested, to check it is up to the correct standards for use on the roads. You cannot drive away with a vehicle that has failed an MOT test unless the problems are fixed, or you are driving it to have those faults repaired at another repair centre.

Time For A Change?

Could it be time for a change for your commercial van or fleet? If an issue has been identified and is set to cost an arm and a leg, you may benefit from investing in a new vehicle altogether. Used vans are always listed within our online directory at reduced prices – so browse today and acquire a cheap van for sale.

At Van Sales UK, we’re proud to offer varied van deals for our nationwide customers. Whether based in Newcastle or Newport, we’re the reliable organisation to choose. Looking to purchase or van finance? Trust us for competitive prices and fantastic customer service around-the-clock – just contact your trusted van suppliers with any enquiries.


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