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Prepping Your Van For Winter

October 1st, 2022

The winter months can be a nightmare period for van owners. With frost likely to affect the functionality of your vehicle, the chance of snowfall on roads and tricky surfaces, alongside the freezing in-cab conditions as you drive. Equipping yourself correctly before the worst of it is a sensible decision. Avoid long-term damage to your vehicle and drive in comfort with this array of sensible tips from the helpful new van dealers at Van Sales UK – and be sure to browse our ever-growing selection of vehicles.

Crucial Accessories

No doubt you will already have your favourite accessories for use in the van cab, be it a particular gadget, comfort feature such as a blanket headrest, or even a sentimental item. Practical accessories serve a real useful purpose, with Winter essentials including ice-scrapers, wiping cloths and de-icing liquid.

Should these come into your regular rotation during the colder months, waking up in the morning for the drive into work or to your first client of the day should feel like less of a chore. Leaving you prepped with the right items to clear condensation and buildup of frost on the windows of your van, you may even want to consider a large protective cover to conceal your vehicle overnight.

Tyres And Engine

The inner-workings of your van and components under the bonnet are arguably more important than anything else during the harsh Winter period. Although at Van Sales UK we endeavour to include the latest innovative road-ready models within our online catalogue, there are measures to take when overseeing an existing vehicle which is perhaps less-equipped for the climate.

Antifreeze for your engine should be acquired as a matter of urgency if you’re expecting a period of cold, while tyre tread depth should be thoroughly checked prior to driving on icy roads. Also keep in mind that most diesel heaters won’t turn on if your fuel is low, so keep an eye on this metric if you’re likely to require a heated interior.

Insulate Or Ventilate

Insulating the cab and storage space for heat will provide a warmer drive, while ventilation can benefit driver and passenger breathing in Winter conditions during which the air is thick. Moisture builds up quickly in these conditions too, and can cause a lot of problems to the van itself as well as individuals inside. Most new or used branded vans from our collection are likely to contain integrated fans, however if you’re looking for a current solution, keeping windows partially open or enlisting the help of an interior fan installer should do the trick.

Insulation additions can include insulation boards, van carpeting for a cushier thicker floor, as well as rolls of sustainably recycled plastic insulation. You may want to make your own makeshift insulation with blankets and thick woolly materials, but just make sure this doesn’t obscure any windows or important areas of the vehicle space.

Searching for ‘van sales Bristol’? At Van Sales UK, we like to keep things convenient and easy – which is why we not only offer the latest new and used vans at affordable rates, but we can also deliver them directly to your doorstep or business premises.  Our team take the time to understand individual requirements, and consistently exceed expectations, regardless of the industry you work in. Any questions remaining on hiring or van finance? Contact us today!


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