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Protecting Your Van From Extreme Weather

February 3rd, 2023

British weather is notoriously unpredictable, and this means that every now and then we are hit with some extreme conditions on both ends of the spectrum – from relentless rain or snowfall to scorching sun. The changing of the seasons can play havoc with your van, and no matter what the weather is doing, you should always take steps to protect your vehicle to avoid any issues cropping up.

Protecting Your Van From Snow and Ice

If you are forced to venture onto the roads after snowfall, you want to ensure that your van won’t let you down.

Check Your Tyres

The freezing temperatures can cause your van’s tyre pressure to decrease, leading the car to not handle as well as it should. You should routinely check your tyre pressure and always keep a pump within easy reach. You could even get special snow tyres fitted which will help your van perform better on icy roads. Although less necessary for many southern areas of the UK, it might be a good idea in Scotland or areas where heavy snow is more prevalent.

Perform Windscreen Maintenance

Although it might seem tempting to pour hot water on your frosty windscreen to instantly clear it, this could actually cause it to crack from the thermal shock. In this case, a windscreen cover is your best line of defence – not only does it save time when you need to get a move on in the morning, but it also prevents the van’s glass from getting damaged. If any cracks do appear, make sure that they are repaired swiftly to avoid the risk of the windscreen shattering.

Protecting Your Van From the Sun

Let’s skip ahead a bit to the summer months: what happens when you have extreme heat to contend with? With prolonged heat waves becoming more frequent, it’s important to know how to take care of your van when the time comes.

Protect Your Windscreen

If you aren’t able to park your van in the shade, consider using a windscreen shade instead. Not only will it help to keep internal temperatures low, but it will also prevent the cab from incurring any sun damage. Even if you have the air conditioning on, you should still generate air flow by having the windows down. Fresh air is better for hot passengers and pets than air-conditioned or recycled air, so try and alternate between the two to find the perfect cabin temperature.

Cooling System Maintenance

Checking your cooling system should be a part of your regular maintenance schedule. Coolant levels can decrease over time for a number of reasons, and you should ensure that these levels are checked by your local garage if you don’t feel comfortable refilling the coolant yourself. Your air conditioner will also need a routine check, but make sure that you don’t leave this until the height of summer!

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