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Renault Kangoo Van Review

July 14th, 2023

The Renault Kangoo Van at a glance

The Renault Kangoo is no stranger in the small van world, where it has remained a staple of the industry since its initial release in 1998. Since then, the 2008 second generation edition has dominated the market, excelling as a perfect combination of compact practicality and unforgettable style.

More recently, Renault have updated the Kangoo with their 2022 upgrade. This new model includes all the up to date safety features that you would now expect from a van of this size, with a revamped interior and a new selection of driving modes.

With its compact size and smart features, the Renault Kangoo is the ideal van for city based transportation, where its substantial payload could be the perfect tool for a range of construction and delivery industries. Read on to find out more about its engine, interior and storage capabilities.

Engines and Spec

When it comes to engine power, the Renault Kangoo doesn’t disappoint, with eight engine options on offer for maximum customizability. All the Kangoo’s manual transmissions feature six-speed units, delivering a better driving experience than five-speed rivals. Dual-clutch automatic versions are available to make city navigation even easier, whilst the van’s naturally smooth steering is an asset to all engine options.

Renault’s modernised safety features are designed to keep you secure at top speeds, where autonomous emergency braking and adaptable cruise controls make this van stand out from the 2008 edition. Semi-autonomous driving is also available in automatic models to help you manage both tight suburban areas and busy motorways.


The Renault Kangoo comes with two length options that allow you to maximise your interior payload. The standard load length is 3.3 metres, reaching 4.2 metres for the long wheelbase version. Alternatively, you can adapt your interior with a swivelling bulkhead and fold-down passenger seat, expanding the van’s storage capacity to a maximum of 4.9 metres. This is ideal for industries that require additional loading space, where the longer van model works well for the transportation of scaffolding equipment and cumbersome landscaping materials.

This van model also benefits from an optional interior roof rack, which easily folds away when not in use. As an additional storage feature, this is perfect for securing ladders, pipework or other mechanical gadgets whilst on the go. Its retractability also means that your van storage can be used for a range of purposes, designed to meet your ever-changing transportation needs.

A payload of approximately 600 kg for the standard Kangoo model is relatively impressive for a van of this size, where this figure increases to 1000 kg or 1 tonne with the long wheelbase version. As such, you can load your vehicle without worrying about reaching its maximum capacity, giving you the freedom to transport weighty packages for your delivery job, or to collect bulky refuse from a construction site.

The Renault Kangoo dashboard prioritises practicality over extravagance, whilst still fitting in essential features such as climate controls and Apple CarPlay. A respectable range of storage options are also found in this van’s interior, where excellent elbow room and a sizable covered compartment help to make long-distance jobs more comfortable.

Pros & Cons


  • Large loading area ideally suited to construction work and refuse collection

  • High payload to match that of competitors, ensuring mechanical equipment and tools can be transported with ease

  • Multiple engine, length and specification options to suit your individual business needs


  • More sustainable models are available, including the Renault e-Kangoo, which can help to improve your company’s carbon footprint

  • Low noise-efficiency in the cab area could reduce comfort on long distance jobs

  • Lack of interior design flair means this van would struggle as an on-the-go office

The Verdict

The Renault Kangoo is certainly here to stay as a practical and road-safe competitor in the small van market. Its handy driving features and excellent payload capabilities mean that it is a dependable choice for most city based industries, bolstered by its excellent range of customisation options.

Notably, the latest generation of the Renault Kangoo won the 2023 What Car? Van & Commercial Vehicle Award for Best Small Van, drawing attention to its exceptional performance capabilities and practical features.

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