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Renault Kangoo Van vs Renault Kangoo Z.E. Electric Van

Renault Kangoo vs Renault Kangoo Z.E.
January 24th, 2023

There are a lot of choices nowadays when it comes to which van is suitable for which line of work. Body types of vans usually dictate what is suitable for what business, such as Lutons being helpful for moving companies, or tippers ideal for construction sites. But another big debate about which van is most suitable is comparing the diesel and the electric equivalent of a vehicle.

While there has been a rise in electric vehicles over the last few years, plenty of arguments can still be made about a diesel van being more suitable for a business. Here at Van Sales UK, we are taking a look at the hundreds of van types we offer and comparing them to each other. Both have benefits, so instead of declaring a winner, we are simply showcasing the benefits of each van type.

Today we are discussing a Renault vehicle, the Kangoo vs the Kangoo Z.E. The Kangoo family of vehicles has been manufactured by Renault since 1997, and in this time has covered three generations of vehicles. Mainly used as a light commercial vehicle, the Kangoo has also been a popular choice for regular life as well. Now in its third generation, the Kangoo is recently modernised as of 2021.

The Renault Kangoo Z.E. speaks for itself, being Europe’s top-selling all-electric light commercial vehicle. First hitting the scene in 2011, it has the exact same dimensions as the internal combustion model but is instead powered by a synchronous electric motor.

The Kangoo does not have as many variations in body type as other vans, so it is much more important to debate the features of the electric and diesel versions. Read on to find out more about both models of van, so you can make a decision on which will be best for you.

Engines and Spec

The Kangoo is a very versatile vehicle, as mentioned in our previous review of the van. It actually has eight different engine models to choose from all with a six-speed manual transmission. Certain engine specs also have automatic options available. The new diesel engines are enhanced with an eco mode, to give you better control over your fuel consumption and bring them in compliance with emission requirements.

The Kangoo Z.E. is powered by an electric motor, with a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery source. This can give the van a peak power of around 44kW and a maximum torque of 226 Nm. A recent 2017 brought the maximum range of the vehicle to an impressive 170 miles per charge, which is a considerable amount for an electric vehicle. This update also introduced new features to the van, improving the motor, charge, battery and heat pump.

You can expect a smooth vibration-free ride in the electric model, but in the Kangoo, you might expect the usual hum of the motor to disrupt your drive.


The Kangoo interior is ideal for those looking for a comfortable drive, with a wide space available and a decent amount of storage space, including an overhead storage bin. It comes equipped with Renault’s infotainment system, as well as compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Kangoo Z.E. replaces a few of the features with displays that will inform you of your charge and driving range.

As mentioned before and in our Kangoo Z.E. review, both vans have the same dimensions, so you don’t have to worry about the impact the electric battery has on the payload, which can be a concern in other vans. With short and long models available, you can expect a payload of around 600 kg for the smaller model and around 1000 kg for the long wheelbase variant. As this is only a small van, these sizes are quite impressive. The only impact on payload comes from the battery of the Kangoo Z.E., as it weighs a bit more it can reduce the overall payload.

The Verdict

Both vans are great options, but you may find yourself gravitating towards one for certain readers. The Kangoo Z.E. is great if you’re zipping about an urban area, offering zero emissions as you do so. If you’re going a bit further afield, you may prefer the diesel Kangoo, which offers a great range and is very fuel efficient on longer journeys.

If you’re after either the diesel or the electric version of the Kangoo, get in touch with Van Sales UK today. If you’re after a diesel Renault Kangoo, we stock it as both a short and long panel van, as well as a crew van if you’re looking to carry more people. We also do these same options for the Renault Kangoo Z.E. and we also include free fast delivery nationwide!

You can get your van from us in a variety of methods, so call today on 0117 205 0245 to find out more about our finance and part exchange options, as well as if you have any questions about the Renault Kangoo or any of our vehicles.


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