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Renault Master Dropside Review

April 20th, 2023

The Renault Master Dropside at a glance

The Renault Master Dropside is a great vehicle that is used by hundreds of tradespeople around the country each day due to its great features. The Renault Master first hit the market in 1980 and is a large van/light commercial vehicle that has been a market leader for years. Since its inception, it has gone through numerous generations and facelifts, bringing us to the third-generation model popularly sold today.

Originally launched as a panel van, a number of variations have been released over the years, such as tippers, Lutons, low loaders and dropsides. The third generation of the Renault Master was introduced in 2010 and is available in a number of configurations so you can find a van perfect for you, including plenty of choices when relating to height and length.

Dropside vans, like the Renault Master, have aluminium side panels that simply drop down and fasten back up. These sides allow for the unloading and loading of items with ease. Dropside vans can allow you to load/unload items in an order that suits you, which is not possible in other vans where there is only one door.

Read on to find out more about the Renault Master Dropside, including what industries and job types it is most suitable for.

Engines and Spec

One of the best features of the Renault Master Dropside is its payload. Depending on the model, you can expect a maximum payload of up to 1,401kg. This means you can carry plenty of goods with ease, taking them from A to B with little trouble at all, and then quickly load/unload using the helpful drop-down sides.

The van is available in both front and rear-wheel drive, so it is a truly versatile piece of machinery perfect for whatever you need. You can get the traction desired with a front-wheel drive, perfect if you’re carrying a large number of goods.

The Maxus Deliver 9 is best used for industries that are going to be doing a lot of unloading and loading, such as on construction sites. As the back of the vehicle is not covered, it is preferred by businesses that don’t need to protect fragile or delicate cargo, such as for transporting aggregates or other building materials. However, if you are transporting delicates, covers can be used to ensure that goods remain undamaged during transit.


The Renault Master Dropside has a great interior, perfect for those working on the go. It has a fold-down centre seat back, which makes it an ideal desk when needed. It also has plenty of storage, such as the large glovebox, passenger bench stowage area and door compartments. This makes it perfect for any industry where working from your vehicle is essential, such as delivering goods or haulage, where in between deliveries you may need to fill out paperwork in your vehicle while staying on the go.

It is not the most luxurious interior, but it gets the job done for workers who are looking for a durable and practical ride that will require little upkeep to run at its best. There is also the option for a crew cab, adding another helpful row of seats behind the driver. This means a whole crew can be transported, or you can use it to store additional goods if needed.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable interior
  • High payload
  • Perfect for a range of industries


  • Standard equipment
  • Transporting in adverse weather conditions is not ideal
  • Noisy engine

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a great quality van that is perfect for use in a variety of job types, shop with Van Sales UK today to get your hands on the Renault Master Dropside in either a single or a double cab. This double cab option adds another row of seats to the dropside, perfect if you need to transport your goods as well as a full crew.

Renault has also been making moves into the electric vehicle industry, so you can also get a Renault Master ZE Dropside from us. This has all the great features of the standard diesel vehicle but adds an electric engine that does not produce any emissions and provides a smooth driving experience.

Overall the Renault Master Dropside is a great choice for industries that need to transport goods with ease and will make use of the benefit of a quick load/unload time. Why shop with Van Sales UK? Well, we can offer you free, fast delivery nationwide, as well as free breakdown cover and competitive finance rates.

If you’d like to find out more about the Renault Master Dropside or Van Sales UK in general, get in touch today.


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