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Renault Master Dropside Review

Renault Master Dropside Review
November 17th, 2022

The Renault Master Dropside at a glance

Featuring aluminium folding side panels, that allow for the loading and unloading of large, heavy items, the Renault master Dropside offers a maximum load height of 400mm, (the same height as your folding side panels). Offering a high payload, extensive features and plenty of practical storage space, we review the Renault Master Dropside, highlighting key specs, interior design and the all-important pros and cons.

Vehicle Details

Make: Renault

Model: Master

Transmission: Manual

Fuel Type: Diesel

Body Type: Single Cab Dropside

Model Variant: Double Cab Dropside

Engines and Spec

Available in four unique load lengths, (Medium (ML, MLL), Long (LL) and Extra Long (LLL) wheelbases are available), a variety of engines, (dCi 130, dCi 135, Energy dCi 145 & Energy dCi 150), and with the latest addition available in both Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive, the Renault Master Dropside offers versatility in spades. In fact, the latest model is also available as a Twin-Wheel Rear-Wheel Drive for even greater traction, whilst there is also now a crew cab (double cab) alternative on the market.

With a maximum payload of up to 1,401kg, the Renault Master Dropside is capable of handling mid-sized loads with relative ease, particularly when you take into consideration the Dropside’s unique selling point. With folding and removable aluminium side and rear panels, coming in at 400 mm in height, alongside a foldaway step on the rear-side panel, accessibility is at the forefront of the Renault Master Dropside, ensuring you can load up with ease.


With plenty of intelligent features, such as the fold-down centre seat back, which can multi-function as a desk, complete with a swivelling laptop tray and a clipboard that pops out of the dashboard. With heaps of storage, a 7.6 litre glovebox and door compartments able to handle a 1.5-litre bottle of liquid, the Renault Master Dropside is fitted with the usual compartments, drinks holders and stowage you’d expect in a commercial vehicle from Renauilt, such as the stowage area under the passenger bench seat.

Though not necessarily the most stylish, or premium quality interior, certainly when compared with some of its competitors, the Renault Master Dropside does offer plenty of features, storage and a fairly modern aesthetic.  It might not be particularly luxurious, but it’s incredibly practical, with a real durability on display here, with every piece of equipment rigorous, and clearly built to last; which is absolutely crucial in a non-stop commercial vehicle such as this.

Fitted with a DAB radio with USB and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, the Renault Master Dropside also features an infotainment display, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Pros & Cons

As with any modern commercial vehicle, the Renault Master Dropside has several important pros and cons to consider. Below, we outline the all-important pros and cons of the Renault Master Dropside, to help you make an informed decision on whether this is the right van for you.


The Renault Master Dropside is famed for providing a number of essential and exciting features as standard, fitted inside a comfortable, practical cabin. Below, we take a closer look at some of the key benefits of the Renault Master Dropside:

  • High-Performance 2.3 litre Diesel Engine
  • High Payload
  • Practical Cabin
  • Comfortable Cab Environment
  • Sensible & Additional Storage
  • High Seating Position
  • Comfort For Long Periods
  • Extensive FWD & RWD Range Available
  • Efficient
  • Different Wheelbases, Body Lengths & Roof Heights Available


As with any commercial vehicle, the Renault Master Dropside down has some drawbacks you will need to consider depending on your specific need and requirements. Below, we take a closer look at some of the downsides to consider with the Renault Master Dropside::

  • Slightly Dated Exterior
  • Equipment Is Fairly Standard
  • No Cruise Control
  • Conventional Cabin Layout
  • Slightly Bumpy/Noisy Ride

The Verdict

Available in four unique load lengths and a range of engine specifications, the Renault Master Dropside offers plenty of features, storage and a fairly modern aesthetic alongside the crucial practicality of  folding and removable aluminium side and rear panels, proving to be a practical, modern and efficient vehicle for medium sized payloads.

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