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Renault Master Low Loader Review

November 24th, 2022

The Renault Master Low Loader at a glance

Since 1980, the Renault Master has been a great light commercial vehicle and large van for businesses around the globe. It’s a very popular car model and has been recently announced as having a hydrogen-powered variant introduced, as well as the e-Master electric van.

Now in its third generation, it is available in a range of iterations including a Luton, Panel Van, Tipper, Dropside and the van type we’ll be focusing on today, the Renault Master Low Loader.

For those who are not sure, a low loader is essentially a Luton but with a lower floor. This means that a tail lift is not required to load it, due to the rear loading height being low enough to easily put items inside without having to lift them high. This makes them great for jobs where a lot of loading is required, such as removals or delivery jobs. This also lets them have an increased load volume, so you can fit large loads that may be oddly shaped inside with ease.

Van Sales UK loves the Renault Master Low Loader, so we have put together this review that summarises the features and performance you can expect from your new Renault Master.

Engines and Spec

The Renault Master runs on the redesigned 2.4-litre dCi turbo-diesel engine. This engine offers increased efficiency and power, reaching up to 180hp with ease. It is a manual drive using a 6-speed gearbox, which can help to further boost fuel efficiency. Selective Catalytic Reduction technology helps to convert pollutant emissions from the engine into harmless gases while having no impact on driving performance.

You can choose both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, allowing a driver to prioritise off-road capabilities or cargo capacities. It has a great capacity, with a 1.3-ton payload and 2.5-ton towing capacity, making it ideal for businesses who are looking to transport heavy goods frequently.

The Renault Master comes with a Wide View Mirror to help assist with blind spots, making the van safer than ever. As an optional extra you can get a rearview camera installed, making reversing and parking a breeze.


In the cab, you can expect three comfortable seats, and a bench in the back of the van in case you have to carry any more crew. It has a pull-down armrest by the driver’s seat, and a built-in step to get in and out of the vehicle.

The centre console is basic but effective, with dials for the heating and a radio built-in. It also has an easy-to-read dashboard, with an electric display in the middle of the speedometer to give you vital information. You can expect a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity, with the option of adding inbuilt navigation. If not, a satnav can easily be connected.

In the back there are plenty of anchor points to secure your goods, meaning that you can carry fragile items with ease, or ensure the payload does not move around during transit. The van has plenty of accessible storage areas, including under the seat and a fold-down middle seat with a console and space to work.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy loading
  • Increased payload
  • Comfortable cabin


  • Centre console basic
  • Only available with a diesel engine
  • Useful features are optional extras

The Verdict

Overall the Renault Master Low Loader is a great choice for businesses that want a lot of payload space and easy loading. It works best for companies looking to load large amounts of cargo without having to waste time using a tail lift, such as for removals or delivery services.

It is a spacious drive with 3 seats for workers, as well as a bench in the back if you need to carry a larger crew. It is a comfortable ride that is only available in a diesel engine, however, the Catalytic Reduction Technology ensures the van remains environmentally friendly without affecting performance.

It can adapt to any terrain so is perfect for both urban and country purposes, being fuel efficient and powerful enough to get any task done.

Shop with Van Sales UK today to get your hands on a Renault Master Low Loader. This 2022 model has a diesel engine and a 6-gear manual transmission. We have great deals on all of our vans, and even offer free fast delivery across the UK.

So if you have any more questions about the Renault Master Low Loader, give us a call at 0117 205 2658. We’ll be happy to help!


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