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Renault Master Luton vs Renault Master Z.E. Electric Luton

January 24th, 2023

Whether you’re a tradesperson, a removal specialist or a conversion enthusiast, it’s likely that a good van is a cornerstone of your work. From time to time, of course, an upgrade is necessary. The question is whether a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable, practical and versatile is beyond the realms of possibility.

You may have heard rumours that such a van exists. Well, we’re here to confirm, it is true! The Renault Master Luton is comfortable, well-designed and boasts an abundance of storage space, not to mention an impressive payload. For tradespeople looking for their next workhorse, this could well be it.

However, there’s a new kid on the block. The Master Luton is rivalled by its all-electric sibling, the Master Z.E. Luton. This vehicle is a city driver’s best friend, boasting quiet manoeuvrability, comfortable seats and low-running costs.

Both the Renault Master Luton and its electric counterpart offer drivers plenty of appealing features, but choosing between the two can be a real challenge. Of course, it comes down to personal preference and individual requirements, but there are a few crucial points worth considering.

Here at Van Sales UK, we’ve put these great vans head to head. Read on to discover how they compare in terms of engine, battery, practicality and comfort.

Engines and Spec

Let’s get down to business, starting below the bonnet of the regular Renault Master Luton. This great van is powered by a 2.3-litre diesel engine with the choice of five outputs: 130, 135, 140, 150 and 180dCi. Those looking for serious power will be more than satisfied with the 140dCi model and above, ideal for heavier loads and bulky removals. What’s more, the Renault Master Luton is available in three lengths and three roof heights; this variety provides prospective buyers with plenty of choice.

Additionally, the Renault Master Luton utilises a state-of-the-art emissions system,  including selective catalytic reduction, (SCR), an AdBlue tank, and a completely redesigned engine built with efficiency and performance in mind. This works wonders,  helping to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs.

Those seeking the latest and greatest in assistive technologies will be impressed by the Master’s range of intelligent features. This well-designed vehicle boasts Hill Start Assist, Load Adaptive Control and a rear-view camera in place of a mirror.

There’s no denying that the Renault Master Luton is a hard act to follow. So, how does the Master Z.E. compare? First things first, the Renault Master Z.E. Luton is the sure choice for those seeking sustainability, owing to its all-electric design.  Powered by an upgraded 52kWh lithium-ion battery pack, Renault’s newest Z.E. models promise a range of up to 126 miles. This, combined with the glorious all-electric instant torque is enough to haul some serious cargo while keeping running costs to a minimum.

In addition to low running costs, the Master Z.E. Luton provides owners with access to clean air zones, congestion exemptions and comfortable urban manoeuvrability. No need to worry about riding the clutch in traffic, this van provides all the ease and comfort you’d expect from a single-speed professional vehicle.


Stepping inside each of these vans, it’s clear that their beauty is far from skin deep. Each vehicle boasts a range of well-considered features for practical driving and comfort.

The Renault Master Luton features a luxuriously spacious cab, complete with plentiful storage, leg room and three comfortable seats. What’s more, the dual passenger seat cushion can be raised to reveal a larger, secure storage bin.

The Z.E. Luton’s interior is similar to that of the diesel version. The all-electric van is just as comfortable, with a few well-designed additions for electric functionality of course.

Both models also feature automatic headlights and wipers, a reasonably sized multimedia touchscreen and smartphone connectivity as well as rear parking sensors for extra safety.

The Verdict/Snapshot

Taking a closer look at each of these great vans, their many unique benefits become clear. Both boast comfort, in-cab tech and an abundance of load space, not to mention the range of assistive features. However, when it comes to choosing one, it’s far from a clear decision.

Those hunting for power and payload capabilities are likely to sway towards the diesel-powered Master Luton, owing to the range of output choices and increased load volume. However, prospective buyers on the lookout for low running costs and sustainability should consider the all-electric Z.E. model. Though the initial cost is higher, it is a worthwhile investment.

Here at Van Sales UK, we understand that choosing a vehicle is no small decision. To discuss either of these options in further detail, feel free to get in touch with a member of our expert team.


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