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Renault Master Tipper Review

April 28th, 2023

The Renault Master Tipper at a glance

If you’re looking for a new van but are unsure which variant to go for, a tipper variant can make for an excellent choice. A tipper van variant, also referred to as a dump truck, is fitted with a large cargo area on the rear of the vehicle. This cargo area is then able to “tip” up and down, enabling it to be loaded with materials which it can then transport and dispense with ease.

Tipper trucks are used in the construction, waste management, agriculture, and landscaping sectors, due to the effectiveness with which they can transport a large volume of loose materials over significant distances.

Build by the French manufacturing giants, the Renault Master has been a popular van model for more than forty years. Now on its third generation with a new facelift to boot, the Renault Master Tipper is a popular variant which can have numerous commercial applications.

Read on to learn more about the Renault Master Tipper and how it might be able to help you.

Engines and Spec

The Renault Master Tipper is available with a 2.3-litre diesel engine which achieves 125bhp and can reach 80mph. This gives the engine a palpable amount of torque, working efficiently for both comfortable motorway driving and inter-city transportation.

This is furthered by a surprisingly responsive handling setup, making what is a large-bodied tipper feel mobile and light to steer. Whatsmore, the choice of front or rear-wheel drive further adds to the vehicle’s mobility and allows it to be customised to the user’s commercial requirements.

The Renault manages a competitive load capacity of 1217kg, meaning that it is able to carry significant weight – a crucial part of a tipper variant’s essential function. The vehicle’s load area is sturdy and robust too, with a 400mm high cargo wall and thick steel deck. With this in place, the Master Tipper will be able to handle all manner of materials, however loose or rough.


For a tipper, a a combination of durability and creative flourishes – where necessary – work to make an effective interior which suits the common applications of the variant. The Renault Master Tipper has this mix down to a tee, with a both practical and comfortable interior.

The space inside the cab is particularly impressive, with room for three people in the single-cab model, suitable for small teams or workforces. This extends to storage too, as the Renault has a litany of pockets, cubbies, and shelves greeting the user. In the fast-paced industries of construction, waste mangement, or landscaping, the sheer amount of storage room will ensure that the interior of your vehicle will always be relatively tidy.

A swivling infotainment screen, as opposed to the dash, is placed above the rearview mirror. This positioning is a crafty feature which makes navigation – whether of the radio or the GPS – intuitive and effective in use. It also is safer than being nestled in the dashboard, as the driver is still looking in the direction of the road ahead, with the rear view mirror also nearby and visible.

This is perhaps the most exciting feature in the Renault’s cab. And whilst the Master may lack the technological gizmos of Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, they have immensely practical storage space and a durable build quality – one that is perfect for a tipper variant and can fulfill the commercial needs of many industries with pride.

Pros & Cons


  • Responsive steering and handling
  • Competetive payload rating
  • Cab has great storage space


  • Some essential features aren’t available as standard
  • Not as high-tech as some of its rivals

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a new commercial vehicle in industries which require the heavy lifting and transportation of materials, the Renault Master Tipper is the van for you. With a powerful engine providing it with zip for a range of driving environments, a competetive payload rating, and a durable cab with ample storage space – the Renault Master Tipper fulfills the essential functions of its variant, suiting a range of commercial applications.

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