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Renault Master Tipper Review

September 29th, 2022

The dazzling Renault Master Tipper is brand new to the van market and has already made an impression. The Master benefits from a high-strength lightweight steel body, resulting in a highly durable vehicle with an excellent payload.

On offer with the choice of either front- or rear-wheel drive unlike its front-wheel drive-only predecessor, Renault’s latest Master has the opportunity to make its presence felt in many more sectors of the diverse light commercial market than the old model ever did.

A tipper with a longish rear overhang does not sound like the sort of vehicle that would handle especially well, yet the Master does, offering ample feedback through the steering and allowing you to tackle tight bends on country roads with considerable confidence.

Complete with excellent towing capacity and a luxury interior, this van is a new and improved vehicle perfect for a range of industries. Its effectiveness at shifting sand, rubble or garden materials, makes it a practical vehicle particularly suited to a Renault dealer’s local SMEs involved in construction or landscaping.

The Renault Master Tipper Single Cab 2022 is competitively priced at just £319 + VAT in an array of colours.

Read on to hear our thoughts on the engines and spec, interior design and costs of the Renault Master Tipper and decide whether this could be the vehicle for you.

Engines and Spec

The Master boasts a 2.3 litre diesel engine with a bhp of 125. At top speed, the Renault Master Tipper can reach 80mph making it a fast and efficient vehicle. Given that tippers are not intended as high-speed motorway cruisers, it is the amount of torque on tap that really matters, and the 2.3-litre engine does not disappoint.

The New Renault Master Tipper also has excellent towing capacity with the twin wheel RWD versions being able to tow up to 3,000kg while keeping the interior comfort of a Renault Master.

It offers a payload of up to 1,217kg, making it perfect for carrying heavy tools and equipment.

It also has aluminium side and rear panels which are 400mm high and a hot-galvanised steel 3mm thick loading deck.

Changing gear will never be a chore again as the Renault Master Tipper boasts a sensibly spaced gearbox, resulting in smooth and effortless gear changes.

To find out about the interior design and pros and cons of the Renault Master Tipper, keep on reading.


The Master boasts one of the best laid-out three-seater cabs in the business with an almost bewildering amount of storage space. There are pockets, cubby holes and shelves everywhere you look ensuring that you will never be stuck for somewhere to put your pens, box of sandwiches or bottle of water.

There is space for three adults to sit comfortably with an option for adding additional storage including a clipboard holder and lidded dashboard compartment. Extras on all models include air-con (£750) and cruise control (£250) and adding a CD player to the Bluetooth-enabled standard radio will cost a further £100.

One of the latest Master’s most intelligent features is a swivelling screen mounted above the interior rearview mirror that tells you which radio station is tuned in.

Shelves are positioned above the windscreen on both the driver’s and the passenger’s side with a slot for sunglasses between them.

The driver’s seat is height-adjustable and fitted with an armrest, while the vision ahead and to either side is more than acceptable. The fascia features a stylish and attractive contrast of light and dark plastic.

Pros & Cons


  • A large amount of storage space
  • High-strength lightweight steel body
  • Incredibly durable


  • Bumpy ride
  • Slightly behind rivals in the technology area

The Verdict

Overall, the Renault Master Tipper is a van that lives up to its reputation. Boasting a large amount of luxurious storage space, a high-strength steel body and excellent towing capacity, this van is perfect for the construction and landscaping industry.

Its hot-galvanised steel loading deck makes it an extremely durable vehicle with a payload of 1.35 tonnes in front-wheel drive form, so you can be sure that it won’t let you down.

With a choice of extras including a clipboard holder, lidded dashboard compartment, air-con, cruise control and a CD player to the Bluetooth-enabled standard radio, you can be sure that you will have everything you need for the journey.

The Renault Master Tipper is available on Van Sales UK for just £319 + VAT in an array of colours, so that you can find a colour that best suits you.

To discover more about the Renault Master Tipper or to speak to a member of our professional team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. we’re always here to answer any questions or queries and point you in the right direction.


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