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Renault Master Van Review

Renault Master Van Review
November 17th, 2022

The Renault Master Van at a glance

If you’re looking for a van that offers lots of choice, then the Renault Master is the van for you. With many variants available alongside the standard panel body (including, chassis cabs, platform cabs, luton low loader, tipper, dropside and luton box van) and an improved powerful engine, the Renault Master offers both versatility and practicality, despite being one of the older models on the market.

There is also the new Renault Master e-Tech, which is a fully electric model.

As well as a powerful engine, the Renault Master improves your drive by offering anti-skid and hill assist traction assistance as standard on all Master variants, making it ideal to drive across all forms of terrain, especially for those who work outside of urban areas.

Due to the choices available on the length, height and transmission of this van, you are able to tailor it to best suit your loading needs, with the maximum payload ranging from 873kg to an impressive 1,551kg. The practicality doesn’t just stop in the back, as the cabin space provides over 105l of roomy storage as well as other features that create a mobile office – designed intentionally with professionals in mind.

Engines and Spec

The revamped 2.4-litre dCi turbo-diesel engine in the latest Master van boosts your driving performance with increased power and efficiency, reaching up to 180hp. All models operate using 6-speed transmission to further boost fuel efficiency and are available in both front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD), allowing you to either prioritise cargo capacity or loading and off-road capabilities.

For those who are environmentally conscious and are put-off by the diesel engine, an AdBlue tank allows the dCi engine to be more compliant with stricter regulations on fuel consumption. Using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, this will convert pollutant emissions from the engine into harmless gases, without impacting driving performance.

There are 7 available dimension options, meaning you really can customise your van to your specific needs when it comes to loading space and capacity. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the smallest dimensions is 2,800kg, while for the largest dimensions this is an impressive 3,500kg for FWD and 4,500kg for RWD.

Don’t be fooled by the largest number, though, as the 3.5-tonne GVW of the FWD offers a higher payload ratio as well as a larger maximum load height (between 1,700mm and 2,144mm) than the RWD counterparts, which have to allow for a longer driveshaft.


A key selling point of the Renault Master is the stylish and innovative design of the interior space. The middle seat on the passenger bench folds down, revealing a pivoting table, cup holders and tray space to hold your belongings, becoming the ideal mobile office for busy professionals. There is also a range of storage, including a 7.6l glovebox, lidded storage areas on the dash-top and underseat storage compartments, as well as smaller compartments to hold documents, drinks or loose change.

There is also an integrated touchscreen multimedia system with DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity, with the option to add inbuilt navigation, making your journey both entertaining and efficient.

Whilst the comfort of your drive is important, safety is also key to consider. A rear view camera is available to allow you to see what’s going on behind you, improving your all-round visibility where it would otherwise be lacking. There is also a blind spot warning system that lights up in your wing mirrors to indicate the presence of another vehicle travelling between 19 and 87mph. However, it should be noted that these features are only available as options extras.

Pros & Cons


  • Option for front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive
  • Many conversion variations available
  • Impressive payload
  • Innovative and spacious cabin area


  • Useful safety features only optional extras rather than standard
  • Only available with a diesel engine, which has higher environmental impact than competitors’ vans that offer petrol engines, although there is the AdBlue tank to reduce this impact, and a fully electric model is available
  • Older model

The Verdict

Perfect for busy professionals who often find themselves completing administration tasks while on site and regularly travel across varying terrains, the Renault Master has comfort and practicality at its core.

Even more attractive than that is the sheer amount of configuration choices that it offers; with different lengths and heights to choose from, it really is like a build-your-own van – not to mention the range of available body types that can be ordered on top of that.

With this van you are able to tailor the loading space and capacity to your specific needs, without compromising on power or drivability thanks to the improved engine and option for either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. It may be an older model that doesn’t quite compete with competitors in terms of style and technological advances, but it still gives excellent practicality without compromising on comfort.

To find the perfect Renault Master for you, visit Van Sales UK. We offer multiple variants of the brand new Renault Master available for outright purchase, hire purchase, finance lease and contract hire.

Contact us today to enquire about the vans we sell and discuss the financing option that would be best for you.


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