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Renault Master Z.E Electric Dropside Van Review

January 5th, 2023

The Renault Master Z.E Dropside At A Glance

Renault have undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the EV market over the last decade or so, becoming a front-runner for those seeking a city-ready dropside vehicle, while retaining the features of a conventional Master chassis. When testing out this larger van, we looked upon it as a bigger and more extensively kitted out variant of the Renault Kangoo ZE, keeping the trademark reliability, but upsizing in most departments.  Thankfully, this hasn’t impeded the road-readiness, as the Master Z.E is still easy to handle and simplistic to drive (even with a hefty load within).

Powered by green energy and able to take you from A to B seamlessly, our tests revealed this dropside variant to be bulky-yet-nimble, with reasonable payload, carry volume and space to boot. One of the most notable benefits of an EV as you’ll surely know are the lower running costs, and this well-equipped van is certainly less of a financial burden once the initial cost has been considered.  Expect zero emissions from this fully-electric model, though the drawbacks of going electric aren’t avoided fully, as is evidenced further in this extensive review.

Perhaps most appealing to parcel delivery firms or city-centric business employees that can charge their vehicle overnight, an undeniably low range may limit the appeal for some, and is notably inferior to diesel options supplied by Renault. Despite a handful of assorted drawbacks, the dropside chassis variant offers everything you could need in the interior, and then some, while the 2019 facelift has made way for a revised interior, shared by the wide range of body styles.

This van is available on the Van Sales UK site at an  affordable price, available as either an original diesel or Z.E electric option. Versatile configurations and a spacious interior are just the beginning – so keep reading to discover more about the key specs and interior talking points of this van.

Engines and Spec

Without an engine, this van is fully electric, shunning harmful emissions and making it ideal for any of the increasingly common clean air zones within cities. Clearly built for this form of travel, city-centric additions stretch to the mega-convenient ‘Eco Mode’ reducing the power output of the vehicle within the click of a button, meaning you can travel further without using up too much juice while waiting in traffic or staying at low speed.

Specs within this van are generally as you would expect compared to competitors, and an overall payload of roughly 1,490kg is in tandem with the rough average for EVs of this size. Surprisingly, the load area dimensions of the diesel edition are unaffected by going electric, since the compact batteries are handily stashed below the load floor – therefore the load length remains at 3,083mm, and the maximum load width measures up at 1,765mm.

As a lower estimate, the Master Z.E’s driving range clocks in at 75 miles from a 33kWh battery, leaving much to be desired. A certified city van rather than a long-haul solution, this van has a maximum speed 62mph, limiting longer trips on open roads.


Likewise with the previous specifications, the interior of this dropside van is a real mixed bag. The primary purpose of a dropside is of course to transport materials, objects or components in a faultless manner, and the vehicle’s side and tailboards do allow for easy loading, ticking boxes concerning usability. Storage aside, the fairly spacious interior promises a pleasant and functional zero-emissions large van experience, with simplistic handling making it particularly easy to drive. Best described as a functional interior with nothing outlandish within, cab storage is a nice touch, and tech is accounted for too.

As standard, those acquiring this model can expect a DAB radio with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, height-adjustable driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support and electric, heated door mirrors. Remote central locking enhances safety, as do automatic lights and wipers. With rear corner pillars and the option of a tail lift, the Master Z.E stays appealing to an even wider range of customers than before, and is even available in a range of colours to match up with branded fleets.

Pros & Cons


  • Built for the city, with plenty of convenience features.
  • Sustainable and cheap to run.
  • Load dimensions are impressive due to a handy battery placement.


  • Range is extremely limited.
  • Can be surprisingly noisy in-cab.
  • Design may be unappealing to some.

The Verdict

Whether acquired new, used or via a finance deal, the Renault Master Z.E Dropside is a strong contender within the category of large electric vans. While the Master is packed with perks and should be considered for any first-time EV buyer, the features and functions won’t disappoint. City-centric and cheap as chips to run, experience dropside functionality and a smooth journey all under one classily-designed roof.

If you are looking to find out more about what the Renault Master Z.E Dropside has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team here at Van Sales UK today. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction to finding your perfect van.


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