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Renault Master Z.E. Dropside vs Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside

February 16th, 2023

It is no secret now that electric cars are the future. Yes, there was a time when the electric motor was a far cry away from being a realistic method of power. Though now in 2023 the technology has moved on leaps and bounds and it is unavoidable that the electric car will be the predominant vehicle on the roads very soon. Naturally, with the rise of electric cars there has also been an increase in other electric vehicles and the van is one of these. You may have noticed driving around that there are far more electric vans on our streets and that’s because they are far more capable than ever before.

Two of these vans that are making waves in the industry are the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside. These two vehicles are both practical and reasonably priced which has made them incredibly popular with many people looking for a new electric van. These vans are particularly special because they are large payload vehicles. It goes without saying really that these larger vehicles are much harder to power and they require far more energy to get them on the move. This is why it has taken some time for electric motors to find their way into these vehicles. However, the electric motors in these two vans are so advanced that they can easily provide enough power.

The advancements in technology have however caused one issue for van users. It is now incredibly difficult to choose between vans. After all, the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside are both incredibly capable and brilliantly affordable vans. So, choosing between these two is nigh on impossible. Though after a deeper look into the two vans, there are a few areas where one is slightly more impressive that the other. Here in this blog we will discuss these areas and try to make it a little easier for you to choose between the two. So, keep reading this blog to find out more about these two brilliant electric dropside vans!

Engines and Spec

The star of the show with both of these vans really is the electric motor. They both feature incredibly powerful and intelligent electric motors which have enough power to easily pull these vans with a full load of cargo. Of course, electric motors are still progressing and new advancements are always going to come around. Though at the moment these two motors really are state-of-the-art in the large van industry.

The Renault Master Z.E is without a doubt built for the city and its eco mode makes it a great option for this style of driving. You will easily be able to transport full loads of cargo throughout the busy streets of your hometown all while paying no congestion charge. This city style of driving means the van doesn’t exactly have impressive top-speed statistics. The van will max out at 62 miles per hour which for a city van really is all you will need.

As for the Crafter, it too doesn’t come laden with high-performance statistics and after all, that’s really not what these vans are about. Of course, it needs to be powerful enough to comfortably transport a full load of cargo but that is the beauty of electric motors. These motors produce instant torque which means that they can easily transport heavy loads even if they don’t have a huge amount of power on paper.


Both of these van’s interiors are incredibly well thought out and they will certainly leave you feeling comfortable and safe. Of course, there is a myriad of storage available and this is always useful in these types of vans. After all, you can store both your valuables and your other less expensive items in easily accessible compartments. As for the driving positions they are also impeccable in both vans. You can see a huge amount from their high seating positions and there is little in the way of large blind spots which makes driving far more relaxing and enjoyable.

As for E-Crafter in particular you’ll benefit from a myriad of different high-tech features such as the automatic air-conditioning system, heated seats, and heated windscreen. Certainly, then you won’t be disappointed with the options available to you with the e-Crafter.

As for the Z.E you’ll benefit from some of the technical features which you are probably more used to seeing in a car than a van. Bluetooth connectivity comes standard in the cab for example. So, you can enjoy the music on your smartphone through the brilliant Renault speakers.

The Verdict

It goes without saying really that both of these vans are capable and reliable workhorses for your business and they would be great vans for you. Of course, you may feel that after reading this blog one suits your needs slightly better than the other. If this is the case and you think that you have made your decision then here at Van Sales UK we can help. Even if you haven’t settled on a decision yet we can still help you to find the right van for you. Our staff are both friendly and experienced so contact us today!


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