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Renault Master Z.E Electric Van Review

December 6th, 2022

Renault Master Z.E At A Glance

The reputable manufacturers ar Renault are well-known for producing efficient and adaptable vehicles, with the fantastic Renault Master Z.E continuing this trend. Though the original Renault Master is certainly nothing new, having been released in 1980 and updated regularly ever since, this all-electric solution is ideal for clean air zones, adjusting to instances in which sustainable driving is required. With 8 distinct versions which can be acquired in 3 separate lengths and 2 height options, the range is adaptable to your unique needs – whether you’re an independent contractor or owner of a large fleet.

Quickly identifiable thanks to the signature C-shaped lighting and unique front-end design, this vehicle is perfect for those shopping around for an all-rounder of a panel van, which commits to eco-friendliness on the road. Not simply limited to striking assertive designs and chrome styling for aesthetically pleasing vans, Renault have clearly focused on essential features and optional extras which cater to the modern tradesperson, while payload, running costs and a roomy cab are all desirable entering the early months of 2023. Though a somewhat bumpy ride and awkward navigation in smaller spaces may turn off some users, this serves only as a slight blemish on the universal appeal of the Master Z.E.

Gadgets and interactive elements are rarely in short supply within vans crafted by the reputable French manufacturer, and a fully redesigned dashboard accompanies plenty of useful tech, competing with the very best in the panel van market. Read on for our detailed thoughts on this fantastic electric van option, including insight on varied driver comfort features, payload, specs and even the variants available within the Van Sales UK online catalogue.

Engines and Spec

Shopping around for a van which retains the impressive specs of a traditional road-ready van, but the economical output and low running costs of a modern electric automobile? The Renault Master Z.E is great for a number of applications, but serves an especially pressing purpose on roads in the 21st Century. Not only a brilliant electric alternative, with quick charging and a complete 126 mile driving range, the Master Z.E. is equipped with an energy-efficient R75 electric motor for combatting those rising fuel costs.. A motor power output of 57 kW (translating to 76 hp) even allows the Master Z.E. to seamlessly operate in assigned clean air zones.

Whereas rival vans may offer a superior driving experience, we observed that this model is capable of maintaining a satisfactory turning circle for a large van – though an occasionally bumpy ride isn’t ideal. Continuing onto the battery, each Master Z.E. is equipped with the new generation “Z.E. 33” 33 kWh battery, offering enhanced energy density. With favourable running costs held up against manual diesel and petrol options, there’s never been a better time to opt for electric.

Electric vans have traditionally been poor in terms of payload, due to the increased weight of heavy lithium batteries. Payload has significantly increased as a result of recent updates, though this option still can’t quite match the traditional diesel Renault Master. Ultimately, the maximum payload of 1,740kg within larger models bodes well for those requiring a hefty all-purpose van, though diesel options still reign supreme within this criteria.


A roomy interior is the expectation for your typical tradesperson vehicle, and the Master Z.E is a true contender for driver and passenger comfort. Offering 8 distinct versions, with 3 lengths and 2 heights for varied load space and payload requirements, this electric vehicle will rarely disappoint. Legroom and adjustable in-cab seating and headrest preferences are desirable, and specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals. We experienced a fully-fledged mobile office when trialling this vehicle, and a versatile van packed with clever solutions.

Techy features which are included as standard range from the endlessly helpful automatic headlights and wipers, reasonably sized multimedia touchscreen with Media Nav Evolution and smartphone integration, as well as a permanent rear view camera and functional rear parking sensors for optimised safety. Loading up cargo could hardly be simpler, with the handy overhead parcel shelf and 270° rear door/low sill combo making the loading of bulky items easier. With one of the lowest loadings sills on the market, this van is ready-made for those who regularly deal with heavy and tough-to-manoeuvre loads.

Pros & Cons


  • Fully electric and economical.

  • A roomy cab with additional storage.

  • Gadgets and adjustable elements are fantastic for long drives.


  • Not ready-made for narrow city streets.

  • Payload is improved, but fails to compete with diesel vans.

  • Modern design may be unappealing to some.

The Verdict

The Master Z.E is a fantastic option for those switching over to electric for their work van or a larger fleet of vehicles. Techy features, adjustable driver and passenger options alongside low running costs are particularly desirable. While the limited manoeuvrability may be a drawback, a detailed modern design and useful cab storage makes this versatile electric van certainly worth a look.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have on the Renault Master Z.E, and, if you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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