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Renault Master Z.E Electric Tipper Review

December 14th, 2022

Originally launched in 2018, the Renault Master ZE range replaced the classic Master’s conventional diesel power with a contemporary electric motor and battery pack, the result of which is a zero emissions van and an eco-friendly image for your business.

An update in 2020 introduced more payload and more variants, making it all the more practical. The addition of new chassis cab variants in particular was handy – alongside the existing panel van and platform cab models, the Master Z.E became available in a number of new conversions, including Low Loaders, Lutons and Tippers, the latter of which this review will focus on.

A Tipper van with a relatively long rear overhang isn’t necessarily a vehicle you would consider to have great handling, and yet the Master Z.E manages to achieve just that, allowing you to tackle tight bends with confidence. Complete with a considerable towing weight and a great range of in-cab storage options, this is a Tipper van suitable for a number of industries.

Engines and Spec

The Master Z.E Tipper impressively manages to cling on to the specs of a traditional road-ready diesel van, combining them with the economical value of a modern electric vehicle. Not only is it a great electric variant, with quick charging and driving range of 126 miles, the Master Z.E Tipper is fitted with an efficient R75 electric motor to fight against the ever-rising fuel costs. A power output of 57 kW means that the Master Z.E Tipper even functions flawlessly in clean air zones.

Typically, electric vans are not generous in their payload offerings due to the extra weight of the lithium batteries. Although the Master Z.E range’s payload has increased across all models as a result of recent updates, the figures still don’t quite match up to those of the classic diesel Renault Master. For the single cab front-wheel drive Tipper, there is a max. payload of 1,714 kg on offer – a number that naturally only increases amongst the larger Panel and Luton models – which bodes well for those who require an all-purpose, mid-weight van, although the diesel options do nevertheless reign supreme.


In terms of driving experience, the Master Z.E Tipper has the feel of an established van that has been converted to electric power, rather than a model that was especially designed with an EV variant in mind from the outset. As such, the new powertrain does seem to create as many problems as it solves. For example, electric vehicles are typically very refined. However, there is still a significant amount of vibration emanating through the steering wheel of the Master Z.E. And although you no longer have the sound of the diesel engine to cope with, its absence does mean that you hear much more road noise. This makes the experience a lot less relaxing than you would first expect.

However, once you’ve acclimatised to these factors, the Master Z.E Tipper becomes quite an enjoyable ride. Its handling is tidy and it feels very stable when driving at speed. As an electric model with single-speed transmission, there are no gears to worry about – drivers simply select ‘Drive’ or ‘Reverse’ and go – which certainly takes all of the pain out of traffic jams.

Noise aside, not much has changed inside the cab from the diesel Master – although the Z.E does receive some bespoke features, which make it easy to keep track of how many miles you have left before the batteries run out. The in-cab storage options are generous, although perhaps not quite as well thought-out as some of its competitors – the Volkswagen Crafter. Similarly, Renault’s infotainment systems are acceptable rather than outstanding. All in all, it gets the job done, which really is all you need from an electric van designed for last-mile delivery.

Pros & Cons


  • Great in-cab storage options

  • Neat and tidy handling

  • Bespoke features for EV variant


  • Payload doesn’t keep up with diesel vans

  • Road noise inside the cab

  • Certain features are just acceptable

The Verdict

The Renault Master Z.E Tipper is a strong contender for tradespeople who are looking to switch to electric for their next van or vehicle fleet purchase. A solid payload, low running costs and a decent range of equipment are just some of the desirable features on offer with this Tipper van. Whilst the cab noise and average features might be considered a drawback, the pleasant driving experience and useful in-cab storage make this an electric van worth considering.

The Renault Master Z.E Tipper is available for finance lease and contract hire from Van Sales UK for just £449 + VAT. All of our new Renault’s come complete with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and 1-year manufacturer’s breakdown cover, and free mainland UK delivery is included with every purchase. To find out more about what the Renault Master Z.E Tipper has to offer, give us a call today on 01172052794.


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