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Renault Trafic Z.E. Electric Van Review

January 12th, 2023

The Renault Trafic Z.E. at a glance

Being the first electric model of the award-winning Trafic range, the Renault Trafic Z.E. is the final van introduction to complete Renault’s electrification of their LCV range, following in the successful footsteps of the Master Z.E. and the Kangoo Z.E..

Boasting the same level of features, diversity and customisation as its internal combustion engine (ICE) sibling, the all new Renault Trafic Z.E gains the advantageous qualities of an electric engine without compromising on the practicality a standard ICE van offers. It still features the best-in-class load length and modularity, along with abundant storage features and a modern, sleek design both inside and out.

With an impressive driving range and loading capacity, the Renault Trafic Z.E. is ideal for people who make regular deliveries of large and awkward items or regularly need to transport construction materials, such as wood or scaffolding, for their local business.

Engines and Spec

The Renault Trafic Z.E. uses a fully electric 90kW motor, resulting in an approximate driving range of 149 miles. This comfortably puts it in the top 10 best driving ranges of current electric vans on the market, allowing you to complete your daily tasks without running out of charge.

For convenient loading and unloading, the Renault Trafic Z.E. has a single sliding door on one side (though it is optional to have one on both sides), as well as the double opening back doors. This makes it especially handy for those who make frequent deliveries with a range of different sized items.

In regards to loading space dimensions, the smallest model (L1H1) has a maximum load height of 1,387mm and length of 2,537mm, whilst the largest model (L2H2) has a height of 1,898mm and length of 2,937mm. As for the width, this is the same across all models, being 1,662mm, with the width between the wheel arches being slightly less at 1,268mm. This is enough floor space in total to fit 3 Euro pallets.


Just like the ICE Renault Trafic, the Renault Trafic Z.E. has a car-like interior, with a sleek, polished and angular design that is both practical and attractive. The centre of the dashboard features an 8 inch touchscreen information display with DAB radio and bluetooth included as standard, allowing for hands-free communication, navigation and music playback. It also included Apple CarPly and AndroidAuto connectivity.

As for storage, all vans in the Renault Trafic range, including the Trafic Z.E., offer an extremely generous 84 litres of storage space throughout the cabin, being located as pockets in the doors and storage compartments within the dashboard – many of which are conveniently covered for discretion.

In the loading area, although the space allowed for the wheel arches does eat into the space a bit, there are numerous helpful shelving and fittings options available that utilise this space for the most practicality. There is also a useful flap at the bottom of the bulkhead which can open to fit in longer items, such as poles or planks of wood, that slide through under the passenger seat.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive driving range that keeps up with rival electric vans on the market
  • Excellent loading space capacity
  • Modern cabin design with abundant storage space


  • Some useful features are only available as optional extras
  • Charging constraints that come with electric vehicles
  • Only one battery option, whilst some competitors offer two

The Verdict

As far as electric LCVs go, we can see the Renault Trafic Z.E. being a popular contender on the market with its release. If you make regular daily trips in your van with the need for space in the back for items as part of your mobile business or items and materials you take with you to work, then you won’t want to miss getting your hands on this van.

Being both stylish and comfortable to drive, without compromising practicality thanks to a considerable driving range, plenty of loading space and convenient internal storage space, the Renault Trafic Z.E. truly is a versatile van. Being fully electric, you will also be able to drive it knowing that you will be having less of a negative impact on the environment – as well as avoiding any congestion charges!

If you’re wondering where you can find the new Renault Trafic Z.E. at an affordable price, look no further than Van Sales UK. We offer this van on finance from £249 plus VAT, complete with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year breakdown cover.

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