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Safety Gear You Should Keep In Your Van

November 7th, 2022

We’re all reluctant to admit it, but winter is well and truly on the way.  As we bid farewell to cold beers and barbeques while preparing for darker days and colder nights it is worth considering how this might impact our professional lives and trades. After all, just because the evenings are drawing in, and the coats are coming back out of the wardrobe, it doesn’t mean that the work stops.

Harsher weather conditions and poor visibility can mean that driving your van requires a little more concentration than usual, with the risk of collisions, breakdowns and accidents increasing. But, for tradespeople of all kinds, being on the road is a crucial part of the job, so we thought it would be a good idea to outline the items that are essential for van safety.

From hi-vis gear to torches and fire extinguishers, here is our guide to van safety equipment.

Hi-Visibility Vest

First up, who doesn’t love a bit of hi-vis? It’s likely that we’ll all be doing a lot more driving in darkness over the winter, so being prepared for the worst is definitely worthwhile. In the event of motorway breakdowns, or simply hopping out of the cab to check the lights, a hi-vis vest is a good shout. This will ensure that oncoming traffic and passing drivers are aware of your presence.


Next on our list, is the humble torch. As we mentioned above, darker days and nights can make minor inconveniences much more hazardous. For this reason, being equipped with a sturdy, high-power torch is a must.

Whether you’re needing to take a look under the bonnet, or changing a tire in the dark, a good torch will make life a whole lot easier, and safer. This means you can be back on the road as quickly as possible.

Just be sure not to shine it in the direction of traffic, or this could have serious consequences.

Reflective Warning Triangle

You may notice a theme appearing here, visibility. Being sure you are seen while dealing with a breakdown, flat tire or accident is essential, or another could occur. For this reason, our third safety item is a reflective warning triangle.

These simple yet effective visibility aids really can save lives. To use one, simply unfold it and position it at least 45ft behind your broken-down or parked van. This will alert other drivers to your presence and give them enough time to slow down and pull around you.

Just be sure to wear your hi-vis vest when walking to place the warning triangle-down.

Van Sales UK

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