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The Benefits Of A Luton Van

Luton Van
July 4th, 2022

When considering a new van to help out with tasks at work, for assisting you when it comes to family excursions, or simply for use in everyday life, you may be overwhelmed with the vast number of options presented to you. With an array of vans sold by various retailers and available in a range of shapes, sizes and payloads, whittling your selection down to just one vehicle may prove troublesome. Luton vans have emerged as a contender for many contexts, due largely to the adaptability of these popular automobiles, their success when it comes to transporting large quantities of material, equipment or multiple passengers, as well as the multi-purpose design.

Van Sales UK remains an industry leader when it comes to providing premium tradesman vans, with affordable finance options, brand new electric models for improved sustainability, and much more. Continue reading to explore the many benefits of Luton vans, and browse our range for additional inspiration.

What Is A Luton Van?

Also known as a ‘box truck’ or ‘cube van’, these distinctive designs are easily identifiable thanks to the additional storage found above the cabin. This is visible as an additional area above the driver and passenger seating, which can be seen to extend the main body of the van. Keeping the loading space plentiful and ensuring that no room is wasted, Luton vans have long been a favourite for those working in the construction trade, as well as those who want to make the most of interior vehicle space. 

Length of vehicle and payload capacity will vary depending on the model you choose, although typically the maximum capacity able to be carried by a Luton van will be higher than that of a panel van the same size. Often higher from the ground than other van types, a Luton may have a loading platform mechanism to enhance the ease of loading.

Transport Big Items Or Large Quantities

Transporting larger items is surprisingly simple with a Luton van, thanks to the additional lift assistance, added interior room, and ability to fit components or objects into the cleverly designed extended space. Luton vans with an attached tail lift such as the Renault Master Luton make loading and transporting goods an easy undertaking, with the variable loading platform height meaning that you can benefit from the convenience of a combi van or low loader while reaping the rewards of an expansive storage area. In particular, if you have large metal pylons, long wooden planks or another narrow yet lengthy object to transport from A to B, a Luton van can fit these objects.

Attractive Design

Though vans aren’t exactly the most attractive of vehicles, models from reputable manufacturers such as Nissan, Citroen and Fiat possess the quality of design which you would expect from such companies. When acquiring your van from Van Sales UK, you will benefit from a choice of colour schemes to fit your company branding, or simply to correspond with your individual preference. All vans delivered to you or purchased directly will come fully cleaned and inspected, so you can purchase your new workplace vehicle safe in the knowledge that customers and colleagues alike will be immediately impressed.

Ideal For Home Or Office Removals

Luton vans are often the small van of choice for removals companies thanks to the enhanced payload, plentiful storage and enhanced navigation on the road. Loading your Luton van is surprisingly easy, and no matter if you’re operating on behalf of a large removals company, or you’re looking for a hirable solution for moving home, we can provide a diverse number of transport options and have them delivered for practical and immediate application. For temporary use, hire a van from us and avoid the expense of outright purchase, with monthly instalments ideal for splitting the cost. The maximum capacity of our vehicles means that you can store bulky and heavy items with ease.


Luton vans are not only ideal for carrying objects and transporting tools and goods from site to site, but they can also be converted into a versatile solution for weekend trips with the family, or even as a road vehicle for daily commutes. Vans are a handy middle-ground between the street-savvy navigation of a city car, and the impressive storage capabilities of a large truck, meaning that your Luton van can be used not only to seamlessly move around the busy roads for morning trips to the office but also to get around the open roads if you’re planning a short journey or break away from home. Most of our vans come with optional extras and accessories for the family, so look through our individual vehicle pages, or simply enquire about additional seating, or the inclusion of handy gadgets and extras. 


We’re enthusiastic about offering the best deals in The United Kingdom for vans of every type, from brand new Luton models to classic designs such as the Ford Transit van. Taking into account the needs of individual customers, we continue to exceed expectations with our flexible finance options, cut-price used van deals, and tempting part-exchange possibilities, minimising the outright price of your new work transport, while disposing of your existing outdated vehicle. Though surprisingly competitive pricing may make you believe that Luton vans from us are lacking in quality, we maintain a pool of satisfied fleet owners, independent tradespeople and satisfied returning customers. Don’t believe us about our commitment to quality? Just look at some of the reviews left by those who have purchased from Van Sales UK. 

Vans For Sale Near Me

Though Luton vans are a common pick for a number of industries, we stock all manner of new designs, timeless Transit van models and unique custom vehicles which can be altered to fit your criteria. Look below for a brief overview of some alternatives:

Combi Van

One of the most common types of van you will find on the road, combi vans may be desirable if you require a small and nimble vehicle which is spacious enough to carry up to 5 passengers, but is also adaptable enough to store plenty of excess luggage. The Citroen Berlingo Crew Van is a modern road vehicle which can be acquired with not only a comprehensive manufacturer warranty, but also roadside assistance.

Large Panel Van

Panel vans are often the van of choice for independent tradesmen and for large fleets, with easy-to-use storage utilities and road-ready specifications. Larger panel vans include the Peugeot Boxer, coming kitted out with air conditioning, parking sensors and sat navigation.


Pickup vans incorporate the best of both worlds, with interior space in the cab to carry multiple passengers, and an open area to secure and fasten objects for transportation. The Nissan Navara Visia is brand new for 2022, benefitting from 4 doors, and the same number of seats. 

Buy A Van From Van Sales UK: New Vans, Used And Electric Vehicles

Found yourself searching ‘vans for sale near me’? At Van Sales UK, we strive to offer the very best van deals on a range of van models, from new electric vehicles to used workman vans which are ideal for work. Whether purchase or lease is your preference, we can deliver to your home free of charge. Prioritising competitive pricing, excellent customer service and a diverse choice of luxury transport solutions, all our new van sales include a full manufacturer warranty and roadside assistance. There is plenty to choose from at our Bristol van showroom, so take advantage of part-exchange and our low rate finance offers, or come in for a quick chat with our friendly staff team.

All of our employees have an excellent knowledge of the van industry, and our team will take time to understand your requirements,  exceeding expectations in the process. By regularly benchmarking the market, we ensure that all deals are excellent value for money compared with competitors. Working hard to make the van buying process easy, we are available to answer any questions you have – Simply get in touch at your earliest convenience.


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