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The Best 3 Seater Vans for Your Business

The Best 3 Seater Vans for Your Business
October 17th, 2022

Three seater vans are probably the most popular type of vans for businesses. This is because they are ideal for carrying more people around on jobs and offer more comfort than any other van.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable three seater van to take your business to the next level, carry on reading.

Why You Need a 3 Seater Van For Your Business

Before we dive into the best three seater vans for your business, it is first useful to know the benefits a van can actually offer for your business.

In addition to the ability to transport several passengers, a van is a great way to market your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits a van can offer for your business:

Improves Your Brand’s Reputation

Vans allow you to make a good impression wherever you go. It shows that you take your company seriously and that you are a professional company.

By keeping your van sleek and clean, you are sending a message to customers that you hold your business to a high standard.


One of the main advantages of having a company van is that it can spread your brand’s awareness for free. Simply add your company logo to the van along with contact information and as you drive around, potential customers will see your ad.

Extra Cargo Space

Having a three seater van provides you with more space for people and equipment. This can save a lot of time and money travelling back and forth to get all the equipment needed for a job.

This allows you to maximise work productivity and see more clients in a day.

Who Would Benefit From a Three Seater Van?

Three seater vans are one of the most popular types of vehicle across lots of different industries.

Here are some of the industries that would benefit most from a three seater van:

  • Couriers

  • Valeters

  • Electricians

  • Bricklayers

  • Hospitality managers

  • Cleaners

  • Delivery drivers

Below we’ve included our choices for the best three seater vans on the market – read on to find out a little bit more about our top picks.

Citroen Berlingo Van

When it comes to choosing a van that has a sufficient amount of space for your passengers and work equipment, the Citroen Berlingo could be the perfect van for you.

As one of the most popular vans on the market, the Citroen Berlingo is leading the way for sales in the UK and Europe alike.

It boasts a smooth and economical engine, along with plenty of space and a comfortable ride.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the award-winning Citroen Berlingo so that you can decide whether it is the van for you:


  • The strongest models carry over 1,000kg

  • Lots of advanced safety and security tech

  • Refined and vigorous engines

  • Plenty of interior storage

  • Wide range with good value


  • The touch screen media system is fiddly as are the air-con controls

  • PureTech petrol engine isn’t the smoothest

  • Difficult to separate from Vauxhall and Peugeot versions

  • Not as good to drive as a Transit Connect

Ford Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is renowned for its tough, functional reliability, and superior design and craftsmanship levels.

It is rated as one of the nation’s favourite vans due to its innovative features and smart technologies. It also has great efficiency due to its range of advanced diesel or hybrid options.

It’s good in just about every area, and is one of the best mid-size vans ever built – and of course, it comes with three front seats.

It was the best-selling vehicle in the UK in 2021 and some car makers sell fewer cars in a full year than Ford sells Transit Customs.

So, should you get the Ford Transit Custom for your business? Here are the pros and cons of this sought-after vehicle:


  • Wide choice of models

  • Comfortable and easy to drive

  • Modern looks and features

  • High tech inside and under the bonnet

  • Impressive payload ratings


  • Some extensive recall actions

  • Bouncy ride when unloaded

If you’re looking to buy the Citroen Berlingo for an affordable price, here at Van Sales UK, we offer new and used vans in a range of makes and models so you can find the perfect vehicle for you.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a budget-friendly choice if you need a mid-size panel van with three seats and an abundance of space.

It is one of the best-selling vans in the UK and, importantly, it’s built here too.

Thinking of getting a Vauxhall Vivaro for your business? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Very high payload ratings

  • Strong and quiet engines

  • City-friendly dimensions

  • Impressive fuel economy

  • Pricing and value


  • Cramped cabin

  • Poor driving position

  • A standard safety kit could be better

  • Single roof height

  • Poor manual gearbox

Mercedes Sprinter

If you are looking for a three seater with large amounts of space, the Mercedes Sprinter is the van for you.

With three seats up front, plus versions with extra seats behind, there are so many variants available to cater to your needs.

While it isn’t the best value for money, it is still one of the most popular vans due to its comfortable, pleasant driving experience and smart looks.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Mercedes Sprinter:


  • Easy to drive

  • Hard-working diesel engine

  • Spacious cabin

  • Simple interior layout


  • More expensive than its competition

  • Not a fast vehicle

Should You Get a New or Used Van For Your Business?

Now that you know all of the best three seater vans on the market, it is time to decide what condition to purchase your new vehicle in.

While you might think that a brand new van is going to benefit your business the most, used vans actually offer a range of benefits too.

Here are the benefits of buying both a new van and a used one.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Van

Used vans can offer a number of benefits for your business. Here are just a handful of the benefits of buying a used van:

Reduced Cost

Typically, newer vans are more expensive than their used counterparts. This can be a costly purchase for small businesses so they often look to used vans instead.

These savings mean that you could have extra cash to buy a model with enhanced features such as air conditioning, sat navs or Bluetooth capabilities. Brand new vans typically only have these features if they’ve been upgraded from the basic spec, making a used van the better option.


You know that when you buy a used van that it’s previously been driven and is safe to drive. New cars can sometimes be unpredictable, so if you’re looking for a more reliable van, consider buying a used one.

Quicker Drive Away Times

For those of you who have previously bought a brand new car, you’ll know that occasionally you have to wait some time before you can drive away in your new car. This isn’t the case with a used van; it’s already waiting for you on the forecourt.

The Benefits of Buying a New Van

Here are some of the benefits of buying a new van for your business:

Starting Fresh

When you buy a new van, you are starting completely fresh and investing in a vehicle with no previous mechanical issues

Better Image

New vans will most likely be in better condition than their older counterparts. If you are trying to create a more professional image for your brand, investing in a new clean and shiny van might be the better option for you.


A new van should generally outlive a used van, and last you much longer with fewer problems.

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