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The Best Electric Vans for Long Distance

January 5th, 2023

Electric vans are especially suited to metropolitan operation and last mile delivery services. With many fleets running familiar routes on a regular basis and having the space for dedicated charging stations, investing in an electric van is the ideal solution for most businesses.

However, we can’t forget that businesses can easily lose money if their van drivers are held up because their electric van has run out of charge. As with electric vehicles of all kinds, the driving range of an electric van is determined by temperature and driving style, not to mention the weight of the load being carried. In light of this, choosing an electric van model with a long and reliable driving range is paramount.

Citroen e-Dispatch / Fiat e-Scudo / Peugeot e-Expert / Toyota Proace Electric / Vauxhall Vivaro-e – 205 miles

You might be wondering why we’ve bunched 5 different vans into one option, and it’s actually because beneath the surface, they are all the same van model. As such, all five are capable of a range of up to 205 miles when fitted with a 75 kWh battery. This medium electric panel van model is powered by a 100 kW motor, and features a 100 kW DC CCS rapid charging system. It’s also available with a 50kWh for a shorter range and a lower price point. Payload remains the same throughout at 800kg.

Ford e-Transit – 196 miles

The ever-popular Ford Transit has had an electric makeover, and the large panel van comes with an impressive range of almost 200 miles. The e-Transit is powered by a 198 kW electric motor, and can charge at up to 115 kW at DC points if you need a little top-up at just over half an hour. The payload stands at 1758kg, with a load space volume of 15.1m – ideal for sizable cargo. It is available as a standard panel van, a tipper or a luton.

Renault e-Kangoo – 186 miles

Although the Renault e-Kangoo has been available to buy for many years, the new generation sees a greater range of 186 miles on offer. This small panel van also benefits from the addition of CCS DC rapid charging, which can be specified. The 90 kW motor is powered by Renault’s 45kWh battery, which will carry a payload of up to 600 kg in a 3.9m loading area.

Maxus e-Deliver9 – 185 miles

Maxus presents the e-Deliver9 in a wide range of configurations, including the choice of three different battery packs. At the top end, there is an 88 kWh battery, offering a range of up to 185 miles, but there are also 72 kWh and 51.5 kWh options. With the largest battery pack, you will receive an 800 kg payload, though the smaller options both offer a capacity of over 1 tonne. On top of the large panel van, model variants include a dropside, tipper and luton.

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