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The Best Gift Ideas For Van Lovers: A Comprehensive Guide

April 6th, 2023

Shopping for birthdays or special occasions can be tough, where it is often hard to think of a gift that the person you are buying for will really like. But if your friend, loved one or colleague has a particular interest in vans, then you’re in luck. Van gifts come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for any budget, where you’re bound to find the perfect present.

Buying a gift for a van lover guarantees that it will be something that reflects their interests, whether they use a van for work or in their leisure time. A car-centric present is often practical and usable, meaning it won’t be wasted or merely shoved to the back of a cupboard once the occasion has passed.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to gift buying for that van lover in your life.

Van Accessories

A good place to start with van-related gift buying is to look at what you could get for the interior or exterior of the van itself. This can range from practical items to more fun suggestions. Practical van accessories may include fragrance for the interior, or perhaps gifting a paid-for deep clean. At the more exciting end, you could provide a visor organiser full of useful and enjoyable smaller gifts such as travel snacks and guidebooks. Car stickers are also an endlessly entertaining purchase, where there will be a variation to suit any taste.

Road Trip Gifts

If there’s one thing van lovers have in common, it’s that they’re likely to spend a lot of time on the road. Whether they are embarking on a road trip holiday or driving long distances for work, there are a range of gifts that can make their journey more comfortable. This could include neck pillows, driving sunglasses or phone holders with a built-in charging point. Other options include products that make food and beverage consumption easier on the go, such as a travel cup that fits perfectly in the van’s pre-existing holder.

Maps and travel guides that are specifically van-orientated will also make the driving experience easier, where these can be pocket sized to fit easily in storage compartments, or be chosen especially for a specific destination that your van lover is planning to visit.

Personalised Items

There are a myriad of van lifestyle gifts to choose from if you’d like to give something that isn’t used directly inside the car itself. This can include personalised keyrings, mugs and magnets that feature a specific van model. You could also gift framed prints or photos of the vehicle your van-lover owns for a visual representation that can be put on display at home.

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