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The Best New Vans For Courier Work

Citreon Relay Van
August 27th, 2022

For a courier service to operate efficiently it is crucial to invest in high-quality, reliable vehicles to avoid costly delays and to ensure fuel efficiency. If smaller deliveries are required then savings can be made on the initial cost of the vehicle. For larger payloads choosing a bigger vehicle will have a significant benefit in improving fuel efficiency leading to significant long-term savings as energy costs continue to rise.

There is a wide range of high-quality options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a new van for courier work. In addition to fuel efficiency and reliability, two main considerations when choosing a van for courier work are the required payload and the distance that will be covered. For courier work within a city, electric vans can provide significant savings by avoiding congestion charges associated with emissions.

Read on for some further information on the best new vans for courier work.

Electric Courier Vans

Innovations in electric vehicles in recent years have meant that electric vans are becoming an increasingly popular option. In addition to the sustainability benefits offered by electric vehicles, there is also a clear commercial benefit for courier work centred around a city setting. With many vehicles, there is a congestion charge in low emission areas within cities that can significantly offset profits for courier work. Choosing an environmentally friendly electric vehicle can help avoid this cost by offering a clear commercial incentive.

Electric vans by reputable manufacturers such as Renault, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen represent high-quality long-term investments in sustainable courier services. As a compact option, the 2022 Toyota e-Proace City L1 Electric Panel Van provides a high-quality option for efficient city deliveries. As a larger option, the 2022 Volkswagen e-Caddy L2 Electric Crew Van is ideal for heavier payloads.

Long Distance Courier Work

Whilst there is increasing infrastructure for charging points between cities for electric vehicles, petrol or diesel vans can be preferable for longer-distance courier work. Similarly to electric vans, manufacturers such as Mercedes, Citroen Toyota and Volkswagen all offer reliable and fuel-efficient models with Peugeot also offering high-quality courier vans. For a compact option, the 2022 Ford Transit Connect L1 Limited Van SWB provides a fantastic investment in efficient courier services. For larger deliveries between cities, the 2022  Citroen Relay 35 L2 H2 Enterprise 140ps BlueHDi MWB offers long-term reliability and performance.

Leasing Or Purchasing Courier Vans

When choosing a new courier van for your business one of the key decisions is whether to lease or purchase the vehicle. There is a range of benefits to each option depending on the requirements of each individual business. In reducing upfront costs, leasing can make the addition of a new van to your vehicle fleet more affordable.

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