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The Best Van Finance Options For Businesses

June 10th, 2022

Depending on the needs of your business, van finance options can be an excellent alternative to outright purchasing a vehicle. Even if you oversee a fleet of vehicles or multiple vans within your team, finance options can prove financially manageable, flexible and convenient. Considering your options before making this important investment can save you in the short and long term, giving you scope to spend on other areas of your service. Whether you operate as a scrap metal collector, tradesman, electrician or construction worker, there are benefits to be found in choosing an appropriate van finance option from the many available at Van Sales UK.

Continue reading for an overview of the very best van finance options for a range of professions, businesses and trades.

What Is Van Finance?

Whereas paying for a workplace vehicle in one lump sum has long been the preferred option for business owners, employees and independent contractors, the appeal of van finance is found in the flexibility, the potential for savings and overall convenience. Many finance options can come without any deposit contributions whatsoever. Leasing is also an option which allows a further spread of costs, while hire purchase will see you eventually owning the van. If you’re unsure when it comes to the van finance options available to you, or you want more of an insight into how payment, insurance and maintenance work for your particular choice, we’re always available to answer any queries.

Contract Hire

Contract hire exists as a viable option for business owners who have specific requirements and would benefit from a long-term rental agreement of 24 to 60 months. The flexibility of contract hire makes it an attractive prospect, and a contract can be tailored to specific needs including expected mileage. With small initial rentals and fixed monthly costs, contract hire makes budgeting far simpler and reduces the stress of large lump sum payments and unpredictable costs or instalments. With no risk of residual values at the end of the hire period as you hand the van back, maintenance and recovery can be included in the monthly rental as an all-in-one package, negating any financial risks.

Finance Lease

Finance lease is an intriguing option for business owners who operate a registered company and want to handle the administration of their vehicles. This will allow them to have the asset shown on their balance sheet. The advantages of leasing on finance far outweigh the disadvantages of this option and include flexibility, no mileage limitations and no damage recharges. You can pay the entire van cost over the agreed lease period, plus interest charges, making it a VAT-beneficial option. Alternatively, you can pay lower monthly rentals during the lease period with the addition of a final balloon payment based on expected resale value of the van. Though this option means that you will never outright own the van, it works well as a temporary solution or for a fleet.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a viable option for business owners who are keen to eventually own their hired asset, with tradespeople and businesses both able to benefit from this interesting opportunity. When all payment instalments have been made, the individual will take ownership of the vehicle, granting them full control over what they do with it. Part of the cost can be deferred to a balloon payment, allowing you to organise a lump instalment at the end of the period. Balloon payment cost is dictated by the estimated resale value of the van, ensuring your business capital is not invested in a depreciating asset. There are plenty of cheap financed new vans for sale from Van Sales UK, with used Ford Transit vehicles, brand new electric vans and Renault tradesperson vehicles all sensible options.

Assess The Task

The finance or purchase option that you decide will likely vary depending on your situation and daily requirements. For example, if you plan on transporting a large volume of building materials from site to site for a one-off job, a short-term contract hire may be advisable, while a more permanent solution for a reliable long-term tradesman van may be to look for a hire purchase option. Hire purchase will give you the best of both worlds as you are able to conveniently split the overall payment but still end up with a handy work vehicle come the end of the initial period. For helpful advice which is relevant to your situation and backed by years of industry experience, talk with one of our friendly staff members.

Trusted Brands And Customisable Extras

Stocking reputable van brands including Ford, Citroen, Nissan and Fiat, we will always work hard to provide the very latest releases for electric vans, vans with a high payload, as well as vehicles with plenty of room for passengers. Part of our commitment to providing top quality vehicles for work involves the optional extras we provide. These include increased payload options, additional passenger seats, differing door options and exterior detailing. Customisable extras add value to your vehicle selection, ensuring that you have a transport solution and workplace utility which can satisfy your needs.

Consider Used Vans

Though new van deals on finance are a great option to consider for a wide range of scenarios, you may find yourself benefitting from the financial leeway of a used van. Used vans will come at a reduced price, be fully functional and maintain the features, details and plentiful assets of a brand new vehicle. At any one time, Van Sales UK can have up to 100 cheap used vans for sale, giving you plenty of options while remaining affordable and convenient. Arrange a test drive at our Bristol showroom and preview the capabilities of your new work vehicle or family transport solution.

Some Of Our Options

We’re industry leaders when it comes to supplying a diverse selection of practical work vans, with vehicles to suit construction workers, plumbers, interior designers and much much more. Looking to overtake your local competitors? A financed van could be an affordable option to consider for 2022. Look below for just an overview of the world-renowned van manufacturers we stock:


Citroen vehicles are renowned for reliability and convenience, with many used and new vans for sale available from the Van Sales UK online catalogue. Among those available is the versatile and popular Citroen Berlingo X L1, a multi-purpose vehicle which contains plenty of interior space for tool storage, appliances and materials for the task at hand.


Founded by Henry Ford and becoming prominent in 1903, Ford vehicles are a common sight on roads in The UK, and for good reason. The Ford Transit model is one of the best van solutions for work, and retains the advantage of coming in an array of sizes and designs. The Ford Transit Custom L2 in particular is a Combi Van with optional accessories to suit individual requirements.


Japanese company Nissan has made their name in the van industry by constantly updating and improving its Navara and Primastar models, with these road-ready vehicles perfect for work and leisure. The Primastar is a medium-sized panel van and has a large interior, customisable with everything from additional seats to pet cages for a dog walking business.

Van Sales: New Vans To Buy And Exclusive Van Finance Deals

At Van Sales UK, we’re proud to be seen as a nationwide leader when it comes to van finance, hire and outright purchase options. As experts in electric vans, we can also help you with your new sustainable vehicle investment, as we remain committed to providing the most relevant modern solutions for responsible long-term vehicle use. Owning a van is an essential part of everyday service for many businesses, with safe storage of materials, tools and appliances an important consideration.

We prioritise customer satisfaction over anything else, with staff trained extensively to ensure products and services are at the very highest level. Retaining customers is a major part of what we do, and with referrals and recommendations aplenty, we’re proven to deliver when it really counts. Our service doesn’t simply stop when we deliver your van, as we are here to help throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. Just contact us and we would be happy to help.


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