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The Best Van Storage Solutions

March 3rd, 2023

Vans are incredibly versatile vehicles that can be used for a variety of purposes, from transporting goods to serving as a mobile office. However, to fully optimise the potential of a van, it is crucial to have the right van organiser and van roof storage solutions. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best van storage solutions that can help you organise your tools and equipment efficiently.

Shelving units

Shelving units are an essential component of any van organiser system. They allow you to store your tools and equipment in a neat and organised manner. There are various types of shelving units available, including steel, aluminium, and composite shelving. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs. Shelving units can be installed on the walls or floor of your van, providing easy access to your tools and equipment.

Drawers and cabinets

Drawers and cabinets are another great van storage solution. They are ideal for storing smaller items that would otherwise be scattered around your van. Drawers and cabinets come in a range of sizes and can be customised to fit your specific needs. They can be installed on the walls, floors, or ceilings of your van, making them a flexible storage option.

Ladder racks

If you need to transport ladders or other large items on your van, a ladder rack is an excellent solution for van roof storage. Ladder racks can be installed on the roof of your van, providing a safe and secure way to transport long items. They come in various configurations, including single, double, or triple racks, depending on your needs.

Cargo boxes

Cargo boxes are another popular van roof storage solution. They are designed to fit on top of your van and provide a secure storage space for smaller items. Cargo boxes come in various sizes and can be made from different materials, including plastic, fibreglass, or metal. They are also weather-resistant, ensuring that your items stay dry and protected from the elements.

Roof baskets

Roof baskets are a versatile van roof storage solution that can be used to transport a range of items, from sports equipment to camping gear. They are designed to sit on top of your van’s roof, providing an open-air storage space that is easy to access. Roof baskets come in various sizes and can be made from different materials, including steel, aluminium, or even mesh.

Floor mats and liners

Floor mats and liners are essential van storage solutions that can help protect the interior of your van from wear and tear. They are especially useful if you transport heavy equipment or machinery that can damage the floor of your van. Floor mats and liners come in various materials, including rubber and carpet, and can be customised to fit your specific needs.

Of course, the best van storage solutions, including van organiser systems and van roof storage solutions, will depend on your specific needs and the type of equipment you need to transport. Van Sales UK has a friendly team of van experts who are dedicated to excellent customer service. If you have any questions about choosing the right van for your van storage needs, don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 205 2372.


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