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The Best Vans For Small Businesses

Small Van
June 24th, 2022

There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a van for your business needs. Some of the main factors when choosing a van for a small business are payload, fuel efficiency and reliability. One cost-effective option is to choose a second-hand van from a reliable manufacturer, with a large number of makes and models available depending on a business’s specific requirements.

For some further information on the different options available when choosing a van for a small business, read more below.

Large Cargo Van

One of the main considerations for small businesses when choosing a van is the amount of cargo space. For small businesses that transport large amounts of equipment for trade use, large cargo vans are a popular choice. Vans such as a Ford Transit L2 H2 or a Peugeot Boxer L2 H2 present a reliable and fuel-efficient option for the transport of large payloads.

Luton and Low Loader Vans

The large payload offered by Luton vans means they are a good choice for businesses offering home and office removals services. Low loader vans are similar to Luton vans but provide easier access to load items. For this reason, low loader vans are also well-suited to removal companies or businesses which regularly transport heavy and difficult-to-move items. The low floor at the back of the van reduces the need to use extra equipment when moving items. A van such as a Fiat Ducato L3 Low Loader can be a reliable asset to a removal company providing a reliable and spacious option.

Combi Van

Combi vans provide an efficient option when transporting both equipment and a team of people to a site. Additionally, a combi van is a versatile vehicle which can be used for both business and personal use. The Citroen Berlingo Crew Van is a practical and versatile option for small businesses.

Electric Vans

Presenting an environmentally friendly option electric vans are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses for a number of reasons. One of these is that many cities have an exemption from congestion charges for electric vehicles. If a lot of business is carried out in city centres this can have a significant impact on business costs. For small businesses offering delivery services, this can be especially useful. The Ford e-Transit L2 H2 is a popular electric van for small businesses.

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