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The Ford Transit Tipper: A Guide For Prospective Buyers

The Ford Transit Tipper A Short Guide - Van Sales UK
September 18th, 2023

Since its invention, the Ford Transit Tipper has become a staple of the automotive industry, allowing for the transportation and haulage of a wide range of goods. It is a definitive part of the Ford vehicle range, where it has been a leading model for the company over the last several decades.

A tipper van is a versatile workhorse for a wide range of industries, where its effective design allows for easy loading, unloading and the relocation of heavy goods. Read on for a quick guide to this famous vehicle, with a look at its invention, the current models available today and their key features.

Invention & History

The original Transit van emerged from Ford’s Germany plant in Cologne, introduced in 1953 as a vehicle with an impressive 1000 kg load capacity. It arrived in the UK as the Ford Transit in 1965, where it was well-received as a spacious and wide bodied commercial vehicle.

This original design remained unchanged until 1978, at which point the Transit received a newly designed front end and an updated interior. The Transit has always been used as a base model for a range of customisation options, where it could be driven as a pick-up, a minibus or a double cab van.

The tipper lorry or truck was a further invention that facilitated efficient haulage and unloading, where a rear platform could be raised to discharge goods. Tippers were first added to agricultural vehicles in the late 19th century, where demand grew for these handy models during the First World War. Hydraulics were soon added for greater lifting power, and by the 1930s, Ford had released its earliest tipper models.

Ultimately the combination of the Ford Transit chassis with the tipper mechanism was a match made in heaven, creating a multi-purpose commercial vehicle that still endures today.

The 21st Century Ford Transit Tipper

Today, drivers can choose the Ford Transit Chassis as an adaptable base to suit a range of business needs, where this basic structure can be fitted with a tipper, a flat bed, refrigerated containers or a range of additional options.

Ford offers a range of specification options, including various body lengths and payloads to suit individual industry requirements. Drivers can also choose from a single or double cab for their tipper depending on their crew size.

The current 2022 Ford Transit can offer a maximum payload of 2958 kg, where the single chassis model comes with an efficient 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine. This model is both fuel efficient whilst supplying plenty of power, offering 170 PS of horsepower and 415 Nm of torque.

Drivers can also enjoy a dashboard touchscreen, where interior options include Bluetooth connectivity and access to FordPass Connect technology. There is also a Ford e-Transit Tipper available for eco-conscious drivers.

Vanaways: Tipper Vehicles To Meet Your Business Needs

At Vanaways, we offer a wide range of Ford transit vans and tippers, available with a range of financing options. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our top UK van deals.


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