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The Government Plug-In Grant Update

Electric Vehicle Charger
July 8th, 2022

As independent tradespeople and organisations throughout The United Kingdom commit to sustainability, there are plenty of practical lifestyle changes which can be implemented to reduce our carbon footprints. From minor acts such as ensuring all lights are switched off in the house, to conserving energy and cycling to work, people throughout Britain are prioritising the welfare of our planet. One of the most effective alterations you can make to your lifestyle is switching your petrol or diesel van for an electric alternative provided by Van Sales UK – and this has been made infinitely easier (and potentially cheaper) by updates to the government plug-in grant.

Interested in learning more about this excellent incentive? Read on below for the must-know information. 

Why Choose Electric Vans?

Electric vans are increasingly popular in 2022, with more and more homes installing EV plug-in units for easy charging, and plenty of trade company owners favouring the practicality of electric vehicles as fuel prices continue to rise at an alarming rate. As well as burning a hole in your pocket, diesel and petrol are made of oil, and are therefore non-renewable energy sources, causing air pollution and an array of other harmful environmental factors.  Electric vans are topped up via their battery-powered motors with various charge points located around your city, or easily installed within the home.

The Old Grant 

Prior to updates announced on June 14th 2022, the government plug-in grant was an incentive which targeted general road-users, and offered a comprehensive discount on the cost of buying an electric car. Introduced to encourage everyday people towards sustainable vehicle usage, the original grant would cover up to 35 per cent of a car’s purchase price, up to a maximum of £1500 if the car had a listed price below £32000. This was made even easier for customers as the emphasis was on automobile dealers to apply for the grant – meaning less hassle as the seller is responsible for applying a discounted price.

Buy A Van At a Reduced Cost

As per the new and updated announcement, those purchasing an electric van can acquire a grant worth up to a whopping 35 per cent of the cost, with value capped based on the gross vehicle weight. For small vans, the cap is £2500 and for large vans, it currently stands at £5000. Interested in making the most of this exciting new incentive? Browse our online catalogue today, and we can handle the rest.

At Van Sales UK, we stock grant-eligible electric vans from world-renowned manufacturers, including Nissan, Fiat and Ford. Maintaining a comprehensive stock of the most economical vans to offer you a varied choice, we’re certain to provide a vehicle which satisfies your needs. Rest assured that our team will take the time to understand your requirements to exceed your expectations, so contact us today. 


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