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The History Behind Ford Transit Vans

Transit van
April 15th, 2022

Having long been recognised as the van of choice for a variety of professions and tasks, the reliable Ford Transit van has a long and interesting history, produced in The United Kingdom for over 50 years. With generations of the van stretching back decades and useful features being added for various reasons, there are plenty of stories to tell about one of the most popular vehicles manufactured by The Ford Motor Company. Van Sales UK are proud to stock brand new and used transit custom vans, delivered to your door if required. With our very own history of quality service and satisfied customers, browse our website today for exclusive deals and offers on transit tippers and other vehicle solutions.

Continue reading to discover the rich history of Ford Transit Vans, and the origins of one of our nation’s most popular vehicles.

Practicalities Of The Transit Van

The Ford Transit vehicle has always been a hit among business owners and tradespeople, with much of this success owed to the many practical tasks it can help you to carry out. The van’s versatility is the main reason for its continuous popularity. Spacious and easy to function, from transporting equipment to houses, groceries to doorsteps or even converting into an all-purpose family vehicle, the van is much more than just a work tool.

Origins Of The Ford Transit

The very first Ford produced Transit was a van built in the Cologne plant in 1953, designed as a vehicle that could also act as a storage and transportation solution. Introduced with a 1.2 litre engine, the engine capacity was enlarged to 1.5 litres in 1955 and rebranded as The Ford Taunus in 1961. 1965 saw the introduction of The Transit Mark I in the United Kingdom, which held the longest production run of any Transit to date, staying mostly unaltered for 12 years until the major facelift of 1978.

Recent History

Recent history has seen various cycles of The Ford Transit, with several generations introducing exciting features. The 2020 Transit for example adopted power-sliding doors and dual sliding doors as options, providing additional choice for anyone selecting a versatile transport solution. With a push towards sustainability and combating climate change, Ford announced the 2022 E-Transit battery electric cargo van, an electric vehicle with all the benefits of a traditional Transit.

Offering hundreds of brand new van deals, quality used vehicles and electric vans, there are a huge range of models to choose from, all suiting practical needs. Part exchange and low rate finance can be taken advantage of right now, and nationwide UK delivery can be organised conveniently. Ordering your next van couldn’t be any simpler – and we aim to deliver all in-stock vans within 7 to 10 days. Contact us now with any questions about transit tipper vans and used transit custom vehicles from Van Sales UK.


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