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The Main Uses For Luton Vans

Delivery Luton Van
August 10th, 2022

Taking its name from the town of Luton, where a commercial vehicle plant was located, a Luton Van is designed to accommodate heavy loads. In this helpful guide, we outline some of the main uses for Luton vans available from Van Sales UK. 

Luton Vans | Key Applications

Offering incredible load capacity, alongside a variety of wheelbases and sizes, Luton vans offer many significant advantages that make them suitable for a number of important industries and applications. Primed to handle large cargo, Luton vans are generally very tall and find great use in the delivery and removal industries. Below, we outline the main uses for Luton vans. 


Incredibly lightweight and offering significant storage space, Luton vans, such as the Ford Transit Luton van, are regularly used as the ideal transportation solution for delivery companies. Capable of handling both large and small items, from furniture to kitchen appliances, boxes and packages can be easily stored inside your Luton van, with a massive payload made even more accessible by either a roller shutter door or a twin door configuration. 


For similar reasons as suggested above, Luton vans make an ideal solution for removals and storage. Should you find the time has come to move property, a Luton van can handle a range of cargo to ensure everything you own makes it safely to your new home! From your largest sofa to your smallest jewellery, there’s a long list of items that need to make it to your new home, and with a Luton van, it couldn’t be simpler or more effective. 


Ideal for a range of events; from weddings to parties and entertainment, Luton vans have the capacity and ease of access required for the transportation of key equipment. This means you can transport all of your equipment easily, safely and securely, from tables and chairs to catering equipment, sound systems, decorations and more. With options for roller shutter doors, event equipment can be accessed quickly and packed up with ease, meaning you can keep yourself on time, on the road and on to the next event. 

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