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The Role of Vans in E-Commerce and B2B Fulfilment Explained

June 9th, 2023

With so many more parcels being posted and many UK shoppers expecting orders placed before 4:43pm to be delivered the next day, couriers are having to work harder than ever before. As eCommerce continues to boom in the wake of the pandemic, vans have played a crucial role in helping operations run smoothly. Read on to find out more about the advantages vans bring to brands and business in the age of internet shopping.

Increase of van sales

The pandemic saw high street shops shut and online stores surge in popularity. This sparked a considerable increase in the sale of vans as business owners sought to meet customer home delivery needs. The demand for vans was particularly bolstered by operators looking to renew and expand their fleets to meet rising online delivery business, and demand from the construction sector. A recent study has shown that Britons have the highest rate of online shopping in Europe with more than 8 out of ten people buying online compared to just over half across Europe – and this is only set to grow.

Promotional opportunities

Vans create great advertising opportunities for brands and businesses. Promotion via van graphics or even full vehicle wraps is more common than ever for work vans and provides a way for you to reach your customers. Whether you’re sitting in traffic on the road or parked up outside a customer’s house, your van provides a free billboard to the public that advertises your services and lets people know exactly what you can do for them.

An expansion of services

While it’s common for many small businesses to start out using their personal vehicle or car, this can really limit the services you can provide depending on your specific trade or area of work. For specialised services, heavy-duty or simply weighty machinery or equipment might be needed. If you’re not using a work van, then you might be missing out on those additional jobs, or even missing out on the ability to offer fast and convenient services depending on where you live.

Your work van can help your business by expanding the services you can offer, allowing for the transport of more cumbersome and unwieldy objects quickly and easily – allowing you to get the job done. With many industries becoming more and more competitive by the day, a work van might be the edge you need to ensure you get the work you want. Without obstacles in your way, expanding and improving your services is easier than ever before.

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