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The ‘What Van?’ Large Van Of The Year Award 2021

December 29th, 2021

An annual celebration and award ceremony for the best and most brilliant vans released over the course of a calendar year, the What Van? Van of the Year Awards demonstrates the appreciation for the most prominent vans available on the market over the course of the last twelve months. Since 2003, the awards ceremony has become a time-honoured tradition here at What Van? As 2021 draws to a close we celebrate the van that has had the greatest impact on us this year, the evergreen, ever-improving, ever-brilliant, Ford Transit.

Winner: Ford Transit

Undoubtedly Britain’s best-loved large panel van for more than thirty years, the Ford Transit van has been a staple of our roads, motorways, and culture since its launch in 1965. Dominating the market, defining the industry, and becoming synonymous with tradesmen across the country is appeal is enduring. In the many years since, the Transit has gone on to new heights, evolving and adapting to suit an ever-changing market landscape. In 2012, the Ford Transit range was split between large and medium vans, with the arrival of the freshly designed 1.0t payload Transit Custom.

Ford has never rested on the laurels with the Transit, constantly changing design and specifications to improve style, efficiency, and environmental impact. Since 2019, Ford has focused heavily on aesthetic quality, subtly changing the bonnet design, front and rear lights, and body shape to represent an innovative, modern design choice for the modern world. Now fitted with a 2.0-litre diesel engine with four power outlets, the Transit is more powerful than ever, whilst the introduction of the now-famous Ford grille revolutionised the design, dragging the Ford Transit into the 21st century.

The Ford Transit’s greatest strength, arguably, is in this well-balanced design, strength, power, and durability. Not only is the Transit a no-nonsense hard-working utility vehicle, but it’s also now a smart, stylish one too. The 2021 Transit is fitted with a 4G modem that enables operators to track the whereabouts and performance of their fleet vehicles, as well as air conditioning, airbags, digital display, sat-nav, cruise control, and more, ensuring the strength and durability of your van are now supported with modern technologies and fuel efficiency systems without having to compromise on space, power or practicality.

Runner-Up: Maxus Deliver 9

Fitted with several extras as standard, including air conditioning, airbags, cruise control, radio, MP3 connectivity, Bluetooth, electric mirrors, windows and reverse parking sensors as standard, the Maxus Deliver 9 may even edge out the Ford Transit in terms of the specs. However, it falls just short of the standard-setter in other departments, such as style, practicality, and payload. Packed to the brim with technology and safety equipment, and with prices typically starting below the RRP for a standard Ford Transit, the Maxus Deliver 9 is finally a close second to the leading market provider and should be considered a genuine option for many industries or individuals.

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