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Theft Proofing Your Electric Van

Theft Proofing Your Electric Van
January 5th, 2023

One of the worst feelings in the world is having your possessions stolen from you, whether it’s something small and personal or expensive and important to everyday life. One thing you definitely don’t want to be stolen is your electric van. Whether you’re leasing it, have it on finance or own it outright, the pain of having it stolen will sting, especially if this is a vehicle you rely on daily.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to theft-proof your electric van, so the team at Van Sales UK have put together this list of a few of them.

Van Security Locks

Protect your electric van by installing security locks on your vehicle. Steering wheel locks are a great deterrent for thieves. For one thing, they’re a very visible deterrent, so a potential theft might not target your van due to seeing it. Many thieves will go with an easy choice, so will avoid a car with a lock on the steering wheel.

Keep Valuables Tucked Away

While thieves may be after the car itself, they also might steal it due to spotting valuables inside. So tuck away anything that you have on display, such as technology, your satnav or anything else desirable. Put valuables in the glove box, central console, the boot or take them with you whenever you get out of your car.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is used by many cars to allow you to open them with the touch of a button. While this is convenient, it can also allow thieves to clone the signal from your key fob. Investing in an anti-RFID device like a wallet or cardholder will help to block the signal from your fob when you’re not in the car, so the thieves will not be able to clone this and access your vehicle.

Park In Visible Areas

Just like with more vehicles, your electric van is less likely to be a target for theft if it’s parked in an area with high visibility. Try to avoid side streets or poorly lit areas, as thieves are more likely to target your vehicle in these situations. Ideally, you want to park your van somewhere that is visible to you, such as outside your house or place of work. This way you can easily keep tabs on it throughout the day.

Electric Vans For Sale

If you’re in the market for a new electric van for yourself or your business, shop with Van Sales UK today. We offer a great selection of electric vans in a variety of body types, from leading manufacturers. Electric vans are great for reducing your carbon footprint and improving the image of your business, as well as delivering a great performance.

We offer great deals on our vehicles, as well as free fast delivery nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about our electric van deals, give us a call today at 0117 205 0246.


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