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Thinking of Purchasing a New Luton Van With a Tail Lift?

February 15th, 2021

Most commonly used for removals, the Luton Van (also referred to as the Box Van) is somewhat iconic. Its individual style can be easily recognised whizzing down the road, carrying large amounts of goods and most often assisting a home or office move. Due to the additional space for extra storage, Luton Vans have long been synonymous with the removals trade.

Robust and reliable, the Luton Van incorporates an enclosed box body which extends over the cab. The Luton Van is spacious, flexible and convenient. Many vans come equipped with an easy to operate tail lift, ensuring that heavy loads and items can be easily lifted into the van.

Below, we take a closer look at the advantages of purchasing a new Luton Van with a tail lift and why you should be seeking out new Luton Van deals today. If you’re just setting up your own removals company or you need to transport heavy loads, it’s the van to go for.

Mechanised tail lift

When you buy or hire a Luton van with a tail lift, you don’t need to worry about heavy lifting. In fact, a Luton van equipped with a tail lift takes the hard work out of transporting goods and items; the tail lift eases items in and out of the van safely and conveniently, minimising the chance of accidents and making the experience easier.

Large capacity

Let’s talk about perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of all: the size of the van. There’s a reason why Luton vans are so commonly used for home and office removals;. Luton vans have large enough bodies for furniture, appliances and other large items, meaning you don’t have to dismantle all furniture when completing removals. A Luton typically has a minimum haulage capacity of 800kg.

The cabin

A Luton van allows you to separate goods from the rest of the van. All Luton Vans have an enclosed box space which extends over the cabin to provide additional storage space, offering a huge advantage over other types of vans. Fortunately, cabin comforts aren’t lacking in Luton Vans; a big windscreen and large wing mirrors provide great visibility and the three seats in the cabin are comfortable with plenty of space.

Whether you’re looking for removals vans for sale or you’re searching for reliable and flexible finance deals, look no further than Van Sales UK. We can deliver vans direct to your door and have plenty of new Luton Van deals, in stock with free and fast delivery. Contact us today for our best new van sales offers and low rate finance deals.


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