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Three Reasons Why Low Loader Vans Are Called ‘The Easy Movers’

February 15th, 2021

Over the years, low loader vans have firmly established themselves as ‘the easy movers’ – in other words, they’re fantastic for removals jobs and transporting heavy and large loads. A low loader van is essentially a Luton but with a lower floor. A tail lift isn’t required simply because the rear loading height is low enough to easily lift items into the van without one. Most low loaders can have tie points and rails fitted to the floors and sides, making them suitable for removals and delivery jobs.

If you’ve found yourself wondering whether or not you need a low loader van for your business, you’ve come to the right place. At Van Sales UK, we have cheap low loader van deals and a range of new low loader vans.

Here’s why they’re so popular with our commercial customers.

Low loader vans do not require a tail lift

Low loader vans don’t require a tail lift. Not only does this mean that the van offers easy loading (which is perfect for tasks such as removals and delivery jobs), but it also means that less maintenance and LOLER testing are required too. Vans with tail lifts require tail lift maintenance and LOLER inspections every six months, whereas low loaders only need routine maintenance when required. This can save both time and money.

They have lower loading height

With the above in mind, it’s important to note that low loader vans also have a lower loading height. As there’s no need for a tail lift, low loaders offer ‘easy entry’ and convenient access, making loading jobs far easier and leading to increased business efficiency and profits. Due to the ease of access and convenient loading height, low loader vans are ideal for jobs that require multiple-delivery drops.

They offer increased payload

The average low loader vans have an increased load volume, with a payload capacity of 1100kg. This makes them suitable for big jobs and ideal for fitting awkward, heavy loads that you may otherwise struggle to fit in other vans. The additional space for extra storage makes these vans particularly appealing and the best vans on the road for moving big items.

If you’re looking for low loader van deals, look no further than Van Sales UK. We have new low loader van deals in stock with free fast delivery and are proud to offer fantastic finance lease, contract hire and hire purchase options. For cheap low loader vans for your business, contact us at Van Sales UK today.


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