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Tipper: Citroen E-Relay vs Renault Master Z.E

April 6th, 2023

Tipper vans are a tradesman’s best friend, and a fuss-free way to transport materials. Due to their immense popularity, many of the leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide have released their very own variants – with mixed results. The future of automobiles is electric functionality, therefore EV tippers are are in high demand too. WIthin this comparison article, we’ll cast our eye over two of the most popular within this category – the Citroen E-Relay and Renault Master Z.E. With distinct benefits and drawbacks, join Van Sales UK as we explore what’s to love within this pair of road-ready vehicles.

Supplied by two of the most trusted van manufacturers around (French favourites Citroen and Renault), this isn’t to say these two tradesperson vehicles are overly similar – they certainly aren’t. Look at the E-Relay as  a large diesel van which has been converted into a fully electric model, with the features, gadgets and functions of a traditional handyman van. Physically, the Citroen’s smooth front grill makes the large, long-wheelbase van appear almost elegant. If you’ve spent any time at all browsing vehicle options, you’ll be familiar with the fact that Renault are well-known for producing efficient and adaptable vehicles – with the fantastic Master Z.E continuing this trend.

An excellent range of uses mean these likeable electric vans can cover many workplace and everyday tasks, from tipping construction materials and waste, to traversing local streets to find clients and sites. Read on for our detailed thoughts on this fantastic electric van option, including insight on varied driver comfort features, payload, specs and even variants available within the online catalogue. For a wide array of diesel, petrol and electric vans, don’t hesitate to take a look at the updated Van Sales UK range.

Engines and Spec

Being as balanced as possible, the e-Relay’s limited payload and driving range distance do impose limitations on its potential as a commercial vehicle – and it is certainly most suitable for city and town driving if we’re to select one context. The internal 75kWh battery pack option and 90kW electric motor produces equivalent to 122hp, ensuring the Citroen will still feel punchy and powerful at low speeds.

As outlined, Citroen have produced a great tipper solution for use in more restricted areas – seamlessly usable and easy to learn, with surprisingly decent handling for those tight spaces and challenging corners. Users can expect 154 miles of driving per charge, and a payload which is only 1150kg, meaning that this van is probably better-suited to smaller-scale tasks – however much you believe that the poor loading capacity limits practical usage, you may be intrigued to learn about the interior in the section just below.

The low running costs of a modern electric automobile are among the most notable selling points, and you can make great savings over time by acquiring a Renault Master EV. Offering enhanced energy density. Favourable running costs are just the tip of the iceberg, while quick charging and a complete 126 mile driving range are standard. Nothing blowing you away so far? How about a maximum payload of 1,740kg. Among the best on the market, you’ll never run out of space to stash the essentials, with the push of a button enough to activate tipper functions.


As the van we proclaim as a winner if you’re more used to navigating tight bends and cramped roads, the e-Relay is available in one standardised trim. This includes a 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with DAB radio and sat-nav and air-conditioning – just what you want for being stuck in traffic. Some may argue that the-Relay lacks the modern safety aids fitted within the flagship models of competitors, though there are plenty of standard and optional safety functions to try out.

Certainly not all bark and no bite, the Renault Master Z.E boasts a fully redesigned dashboard that accompanies plenty of useful tech. Competing with the very best in the panel van market, sit back and relax with plenty of legroom and adjustable in-cab seating, while headrests, cupholders and cab storage stashes are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals. A top-quality office on wheels, consider our comprehensive standalone review for further insights and additional detail on specific features.

The Verdict/Snapshot

Ultimately, Renault have clearly focused on essential features and optional extras which cater to the modern inner-city tradesperson, while high payload, running costs and a roomy cab are all desirable. Citroen’s electric alternative to the Relay is ready-made for the city – so you certainly stand to gain from taking a look through new, used and finance options. Keen to enquire? Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to!


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