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Tipper Road Safety In Winter

Tipper Road Safety In Winter
November 8th, 2022

As the weather gets colder, the conditions on the road will slowly start to worsen. At the very least, it will be raining more often, so roads will be slick and wet. As the temperature drops even more, roads may become icy or covered in snow, making it harder to see road markings and drive on them in general.

Cars of all sizes should be wary about the winter weather, especially larger vehicles such as tippers. Van Sales UK has put together this guide on how to keep your large van safe in winter.

Double & Single Cab Tippers

A tipper van is a make of vehicle that has a cabin and then a rear platform that can be raised, enabling a load to be tipped out easily. It is vital that those driving a tipper in the winter are safe, as an accident could cause heavy loads to fall out of the back and leave debris on the road. Here are some van safety tips for you to use this winter.

Change Tyres

Tyres are one of the key changes you can make to a vehicle to ensure it is safer on the road in the winter. Tyres suited for the winter usually use a different material and tread pattern which makes your van handle better and brake in colder conditions. They’re best suited for when temperatures are frequently under 7 degrees.

Check Your Heating

The winter is, as standard, a lot colder than every other month of the year. The last thing you want is to be sitting in a van with dodgy heating when the temperatures start to drop to near zero. Being cold at the wheel can also lead to lapses in concentration, which could cause an accident. So make sure your heating is fully functioning before winter sets in.

Battle Condensation

Keeping windows and doors inside while warm can be a breeding ground for moisture and mould. While it may seem counterproductive, opening your window or turning on fans occasionally in cold weather can help to battle condensation and its effects on your vehicle.

Never Drive While Fogged Up

If your vehicle is icy or foggy in the morning, never drive before you have cleared it properly. This can lead to blind spots which could potentially lead to an accident while you’re driving.

New Van Deals From Van Sales UK

If you’re on the lookout for a new van before the winter weather sets in, have a look at the selection on Van Sales UK. We sell new and used vans in a variety of makes and models including single & double cab tippers, Lutons, dropsides and many more. We even have electric vans for those looking to be more economical.

With all of our vehicles, you can expect free fast delivery and a great warranty. So call now on 0117 205 0685 to talk through your requirements with one of our experts, and get your van winter ready in no time at all.


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