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Tips For Travelling Abroad With Your Van

November 7th, 2022

Whether you’re a business that needs to transport goods abroad or heading on a holiday in a different country, it can sometimes be daunting to travel abroad with your van. You’ll find yourself travelling on unfamiliar roads, where there may be different conditions than you’re used to and rules you’re not sure about.

That is why the team at Van Sales UK has put together these tips for travelling abroad with your van.

Ensure You’re Compliant With Local Laws

The law can vary between countries, so it is important to make sure you are compliant with any different local laws. Check what equipment is essential to be carried in your van, and make sure you look up any particular driving instructions. One key essential is a sticker with your country identification letters. Failure to have this might result in a fine.

One thing you may need if you’re heading outside the EU is an International Driving Permit. You’ll also need proof of your insurance and to double-check whether your insurance stretches to driving abroad. Your insurer can provide you with a Green Card that provides physical proof you’re insured and works when travelling anywhere in Europe.

Breakdown Cover

When abroad, you can’t just call up your usual breakdown company in case of an emergency. However, you may be covered so it is always worth a double check! If not, try and find a good package that won’t charge you an extortionate amount.

Right Side Driving

If you’ve grown up in Britain your entire life, you must become familiar with driving outside of the UK. Many countries outside of the UK drive on the right side of the road, which can be tricky to adjust to. Try to use quieter roads until you feel more comfortable driving on the opposite side.

Vehicle Check

You don’t want to be needing to do repairs or maintenance when abroad, so carry out vehicle checks before you go. Get a service at your local garage to make sure tyre pressure, tread and all the levels in your car are ideal.

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