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Top Reasons To Buy An Electric Van This Year

Vauxhall Vivaro Electric Van
August 3rd, 2022

Following recent innovations in electric vehicle technology, purchasing an electric van for business use is becoming an increasingly viable option. With a wide range of options for different manufacturers, van sizes, driving ranges and performance specifications there are options to meet a wide range of business requirements for efficient, practical and reliable vans. From a standpoint of running costs, there are also savings to be made in adopting electric vehicle technology for your business.

One of the main benefits for businesses in purchasing electric vehicles relates to costs for many petrol and diesel vehicles in clean air zones. These costs can become significant for companies that carry out significant business activity in city centres. As there is scope for the coverage of clean air zones to increase in cities, there is a clear commercial incentive for businesses to move towards vehicle options that do not release harmful emissions. Tax benefits also provide an incentive for businesses to make the move to electric vehicles.

With innovative technology providing high-quality performance, electric vehicles are a low-maintenance choice for your business. As there are fewer parts within the vehicle this significantly reduces maintenance costs when compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. The range of electric vehicles that are available by reputable manufacturers places them as a clear investment in a cost-efficient and sustainable commercial transport option.

Read more for some further information on the top reasons to buy an electric van this year.

Reduced Costs

A key benefit of purchasing an electric van for commercial purposes is in avoiding emissions charges. These charges can impact heavily on costs for a wide range of businesses whether delivering goods or providing services in areas that require travel through clean air zones.  For courier companies making short deliveries within cities and longer deliveries throughout the UK, purchasing an electric van or a vehicle with low emissions can have a significant impact on reducing costs arising from emissions charges.

The savings made through the reduction in costs when driving through low emission zones are just one example of a wide range of incentives that have been introduced by the government to encourage individuals and businesses to opt for more environmentally friendly forms of transport. There are currently tax benefits available for businesses using electric vehicles. Alongside the sustainability and performance credentials of high-quality electric vans, this range of incentives has led to electric vehicles becoming an increasingly popular option.


There is a wide range of steps that can be taken by organisations in a move towards sustainable business operations. Moving away from fossil fuels and choosing technologies using renewable energy represents a clear commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. With innovations made in these technologies in recent years, making this move can also bring a number of performance and efficiency improvements across a business.

Making the move to electric vehicles is a key step that can be taken for sustainable business. As innovations in vehicle technology are providing a clear route away from the use of fossil fuels in vehicles, there is a clear opportunity to maximise the benefits of electric vehicles in businesses of all sizes. The range of incentives provided by the government for businesses to choose more sustainable solutions provides additional benefits to businesses making this move.

Improved Performance

In addition to clear commercial incentives and sustainability criteria, modern electric vans have excellent specifications matching and in some areas outperforming petrol and diesel options. One area where electric vehicles can provide significant performance benefits over comparable petrol and diesel vehicles is energy-efficient acceleration. This is a result of the transmission requirements of petrol and diesel engines.

Many businesses are choosing to integrate electric vehicles into their fleet whilst retaining petrol and diesel vans as a core part of their fleet. This provides the opportunity to establish whether a wider move to electric vans can be beneficial for your business. This can also make sense if electric vehicles provide clear benefits in some areas of business whilst petrol and diesel vehicles also provide clear value for other business use.

This option provides clear benefits for courier services. Electric vans can provide an energy-efficient option providing savings in delivery services within low emissions zones within a city. Petrol and diesel vehicles can provide benefits for much longer deliveries with refuelling saving time that would be spent charging if the journey exceeded an electric vehicle’s driving range.

Improved Infrastructure

In recent years there have been significant improvements in the infrastructure provided to support the use of electric vehicles. Previously many people considering purchasing an electric vehicle for personal or business use viewed the lack of charging points as a significant stumbling block. Continued investments over the last few years have meant that charging points are now frequently located throughout cities and in motorway service stations.

There are also apps available providing information on the nearest charging station for electric vehicles making navigation easy and efficient when on the go. For trade companies carrying out work in city centres, the option of charging vehicles near job sites whilst work is ongoing provides a clear opportunity to make efficient use of time.

Many individuals and businesses using electric vehicles have opted to install a charging port at their homes or business premises. This can help provide assurance that they will be able to charge their vehicle this reduces the requirement to wait for your vehicle whilst it is charging. In addition to eliminating waiting times whilst an electric vehicle is charging, this also reduces electricity costs by charging the vehicle during off-peak hours.

With conveniently located charging points, the infrastructure surrounding electric vehicles will continue to improve. As significant advancements have been made in electric batteries increasing the driving range substantially, electric vans are increasingly becoming a practical and sustainable option for a wide range of business needs.

Low Maintenance

In many cases, electric vehicles require less maintenance than petrol vehicles partly as a result of fewer parts within the vehicle. In addition to removing costs associated with low emission zones, these reduced maintenance costs can have a significant benefit on a business’s operating costs, especially when combined across a vehicle fleet. The reduced running costs available in electric vehicles can be maximised through regular scheduled servicing ensuring that any issues are identified and resolved cost-effectively.

Product Range For Small Electric Vans For Sale

As vehicle manufacturers have understood the clear demand for practical, durable and economical electric vans, the range of electric van options means that it is possible to choose from a range of environmentally sustainable vehicles to suit your business’s individual needs. Whether your business requires a compact and efficient van for city couriering or a larger van as a practical vehicle to efficiently transport trade equipment to job sites, there is an electric van available.

Most reputable van manufacturers have introduced practical and efficient ranges of electric vans. Some of these manufacturers with popular ranges of electric vans include Mercedes, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot, Nissan and Volkswagen. The same range of innovative and practical features that established these manufacturers as industry leaders for commercial vehicles are also present in their electric vans.

If you are retooling your vehicle fleet, the range of benefits from commercial incentives to driving range innovations means that it is a great time to make the move to electric vehicle technology. Whether purchasing or leasing electric vans for your business, the benefits in cost savings, performance efficiency and sustainability make this an increasingly worthwhile long-term investment.

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Whether purchasing a number of new vehicles for an existing fleet or leasing a van for trade businesses, our electric van range at Van Sales UK is practical, reliable and efficient. Explore our range of affordable electric vehicles today for your next van purchase. For more information on the range of electric vans available, and to discuss different options for purchasing and leasing vans, get in touch with our team today by calling 0117 428 7721 or emailing


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