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Top Tips For Insuring Your New Van

Van insurance
July 13th, 2022

Need to insure your new van? Insuring a new vehicle is always tricky, but it needn’t have to be, particularly with the rise of price comparison websites and the addition of vital security features that will keep both your van and your tools safe and secure. Here, we take a closer look at some of the top tips you should consider when insuring new vans, to help keep your premiums manageable. 

Size Matters

Generally speaking, a smaller engine size will result in a lower insurance premium, due to the reduced power and, therefore, the risk of accident or malfunction. When purchasing a new van either for yourself or your vehicle fleet, consider the size of your van carefully and ensure it’s suitable only for what it needs to do. A small van will help keep costs low and insurance premiums down.

Pay Annually

Car and van insurance companies offer monthly and annual payments for your insurance premium, with monthly instalments keeping costs manageable in the short term, but ultimately costing you more over the course of a year. Paying your insurance premium in one annual payment eliminates any interest being built up, and is, therefore, cheaper than monthly payments over twelve months. 

As an added tip; when insuring your new van, always compare third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive policies closely, as some insurance companies will offer a comprehensive package for a cost that could work out more effective and manageable in the long term. 

Stay Secure

Reviewing and updating your new van’s security systems is an essential method to improve your own security and peace of mind, and help keep your insurance premiums low. Installing a tracking system, alarm, or even just an immobiliser on your new van can impact your insurance premiums in a positive sense, lowering your overall cost. 

Be Honest

As an extension of the above, when you’re looking to buy a van, insurance companies will ask questions about where you park your car overnight, what tools you are storing and if they are included in the policy, to help reduce premiums further. Should you park your van in a garage, for example, you may find your premiums are greatly reduced. The most important thing to remember is honesty. Insurance companies base their quote on the information you have provided to them, which, if proven to be incorrect, will typically result in a refusal to pay out in the event of a vehicle break-in or theft. 

Shop Around

Last, but certainly not least; one of the most important tips to consider when insuring a new van is the need to shop around. Simply by visiting price comparison websites, such as GoCompare or, you can quickly find quotes from a range of insurance companies based on yourself and the specific vehicle you have chosen. Comparing insurance premiums from a range of insurance companies will provide you with the best possible chance of keeping your insurance premium as low as possible. 

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