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Toyota Hilux Pickup Review

April 28th, 2023

The Toyota Hilux Pickup at a glance

When you imagine a pickup truck, you’re probably imagining the Toyota Hilux Pickup.

Beginning production in 1968 and undergoing eight generations of evolving toughness, the vehicle has earnt a reputation for being powerful and durable, inspiring generations of workers and tradespeople to part with their cash.

The most recent the Hilux has  a new engine and a facelift. This comes in the form of a robust-looking trim is ideal for those who’ll be doing a lot of off-road driving, with the black fender flares the perfect protection for those hwo might be expecting bumps and grazes to the bodywork such as landscapers, groundworkers, fencers or roofers who may be manoeurering large and heavy pieces of equipment and materials in and out of the van.

Engines and Spec

The Toyota Hilux’s engine comes in a range of options. Starting with a 2.4-litre diesel manual model that produces around 150bh with options right up to the 2.8-litre automatic diesel, which has a brake horsepower that reaches the 200 mark. If you require power for your job, then the  2.8-litre engine could be right up your street, as this version is a third more powerful than the 2.4-litre version.

Compared to rival pickups, it is now dominating the market in terms of big engine power, as rivals such as the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-Class have been wiped from the market in the UK. Eco technology balances the Hilux’s power: WLTP tests show that the 2.4-litre engine can achieve around 31.7mpg with a manual gearbox, and 30.7mpg in automatic. Even better is the 2.8-litre engine, which reaches 33.2mpg with a manual, and 30 with an automatic gearbox.

Payload is on the lower end to some vehicles at 470kgs. However, for jobs like landscaping and gardening this should be ample capacity.


Comfortable and spacious, the Hilux comes in Single and Double Cab versions. The Double Cab versions of the Hilux are spacious and can fit up to three people relatively comfortably in the back with ample storage areas in and around the front seats too,  demonstrating that it works well for a day out on the job, both in terms of passenger transportation and storage.

Sound-proofing of the engine that make you sometimes forget you’re in a pick-up, and the quietness of the Hilux’s cruising speed makes it feel more like a SUV than a commercial vehicle. There is ample space at the front, so you don’t feel boxed in at all, unlike other pick-up models.

The display features a modern, stylish touchscreen infotainment display with AUX and USB ports, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio. Even more helpfully, the Hilux features a reversing camera, which helps immeasurably when parking the 5.3m pick-up on narrow or crowded streets.

Pros & Cons


  • Choice of powerful engine
  • Comfortable cab for long journeys
  • Spacious interior


  • Low payload capacity
  • Lacks fuel efficiency
  • Limited acceleration

The Verdict

With a durable body and an all powerful engine, the Toyota Hilux Pickup is great on and off road. The interiors are perfectly practical for use as a day to day commercial vehicle and the ride is comfortable and smooth over uneven, outdoor surfaces due to the developed shock-absorbers.

Although fuel efficiency (around 30mpg) does leave a lot to be desired, the Hilux is a great choice for those who need to travel over various different terrains such as landscapers, groundworkers, or fencers.

The Toyota Hilux is available at Van Sales UK for £299 + VAT with a range of financial options available. So if you’re interested, Van Sales UK have a lot of exciting options for you. Get in touch with us at 0117 205 1446 or email at


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