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Toyota Hilux Pickup Review

October 20th, 2022

The Toyota Hilux Pickup at a glance

The Toyota Hilux is a, or, more precisely, the legendary name of the pick-up truck world. Beginning production in 1968 and undergoing eight generations of evolving toughness, the vehicle has earnt a reputation for being the most rugged, powerful, and durable off-roader money can buy.

This was certainly true until the 2016 version of the Hilux, which didn’t quite produce enough power, and, unlike its rivals, wasn’t focused on the growing lifestyle market, one which champions comfort, gizmos, and creative interior solutions. It isn’t enough to make a robust, no-nonsense pick-up truck nowadays, as the Hilux’s rivals managed to reach higher bhp’s with more luxury and interior excitement to boot.

Toyota has rectified this with the non-holds-barred spirit best exemplified by the Hilux itself, with a new engine and revised ‘facelift’. This comes in the form of the ‘Invincible’, a streamlined yet imposing trim perhaps aimed at city drivers, and the Invincible X, which features a front grille and black fender flares that wouldn’t look out of place on a monster truck. The Invincible X’s more robust-looking trim is ideal for those who’ll be doing a lot of off-road driving, with the black fender flares the perfect protection for those hwo might be expecting bumps and grazes to the bodywork.

Engines and Spec

The Toyota Hilux’s engine options range from the familiar 2.4-litre diesel manual model (producing around 150bhp), to the 2.8-litre automatic diesel, which has a brake horsepower that reaches the 200 mark. It is also important to note that the Invincible is only available with the 2.8-litre engine, a good thing if you like power, as this version is a third more powerful than the 2.4-litre version.

The lack of power on previous versions is now a problem of the past, as the Hilux can reach up to 310lb fit on the automatic version and 369 lb fit on the manual. Whatsmore, compared to rival pickups, it is now dominating the market in terms of big engine power, as rivals such as the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-Class have been wiped from the market in the UK.

With eco technology balancing the Hilux’s power, WLTP tests show that the 2.4-litre engine can achieve around 31.7mpg with a manual gearbox, and 30.7mpg in automatic. The 2.8-litre engine is better, reaching 33.2mpg with a manual, and 30 with an automatic gearbox.


For a vehicle with so much toughness and power in equal measure, it is surprising how comfortable the Hilux actually is. The Double Cab versions of the Hilux are spacious and can fit up to three people relatively comfortably in the back with ample storage areas in and around the front seats too,  proving that it can be both a commercial and family vehicle, Toyota expertly catering for both markets.

On that note, it is the ‘dash silencer’ and sound-proofing of the engine that make you sometimes forget you’re in a pick-up, the quietness of the Hilux’s cruising speed makes it feel more like a saloon or SUV. This is compounded by the space, especially in the front, and you don’t feel boxed in at all, unlike certain other pick-ups.

The display features a modern, stylish touchscreen infotainment display with AUX and USB ports, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio. Even more helpfully, the Hilux features a reversing camera, which helps immeasurably when parking the 5.3m pick-up.

Pros & Cons


  • The Engine’s Power
  • Interior Comfort
  • Toughness


  • Efficiency
  • Size
  • Acceleration Could Be Nippier

The Verdict

The Toyota Hilux has reclaimed its crown as the most durable and powerful pick-up truck on the market, most importantly, its engine is once again all powerful, making it a fantastic drive both on and off-road. Not only that, but the interiors are handsome, comfortable, and perfectly suitable for acting as a family saloon, as well as a robust commercial vehicle. Whatsmore, the ride is comfortable and smooth over dodgy surfaces due to the developed shock-absorbers, not affected by Toyota’s the durability-inclined, famously uncomfortable leaf-spring suspension.

Although fuel efficiency (around 30mpg) does leave a lot to be desired, the thrill of driving a Hilux that has an engine which finally lives up to its legendary name is, in my opinion, worth it. This is a vehicle driven in every terrain, from the ice mountains of the Arctic to the sandy plains of Africa, and although not ideal in certain areas, when you’re at the wheel, it’s hard not to fall under the spell of its dignified brawn as an all-purpose vehicle.

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