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Toyota Proace City Electric Van Review

December 6th, 2022

The Proace City Electric at a glance

As we move through the 21st-century electric power is becoming more and more vital for saving our planet. To many, there’s no denying that we are now in a climate crisis so every little helps when it comes to slowing global warming down. Electric vehicles have started to grow in popularity over the past 10 years and we have started to see the first renditions of fully electric vans hit the road. So what about Toyota’s new electric model? How does it compare with the field and is it the way forward?

With a fantastic payload for an electric vehicle and mileage that stands up well against many other models, the Proace City Electric is arguably one of the best electric vans on the market. So, if you’re a tradesman with a head for the climate then this might just be the van for you. What’s more, it’s great value for money!

Engines and Spec

Clearly then as this vehicle is electric we don’t have to talk through any mpg statistics or how many litres the engine is. However, one thing we do have to talk about is the torque. Electric motors are renowned for their high torque motors. The instancy of electric power means that motors produce huge torque numbers almost as soon as you press your foot onto the accelerator and the Proace City Electric is no different. This makes Toyota’s new van an incredibly capable workhorse and one capable of some serious towing figures.

As for mileage, you’ll stand in pretty good stead here too. Toyota claims a range of 168 miles which by electric van standards is pretty good. Of course, these figures all depend on how much you use the van and what commute you have to the site. However, if the van is used for city driving, then 168 miles is more than adequate.

In terms of actual power in reality you’ll be absolutely spoiled in an electric van. The Proace City Electric has 100kW in power which, when you translate that to horsepower, gives you a figure of 136hp. For a lightweight city van, that kind of power is quite frankly unbelievable and you’ll certainly find motorway miles easier than ever before.


As for the interior, you’ll find what many of us have come to expect with the latest models of Toyota vans. The cab is spacious, well thought out, and incredibly comfortable. This all comes down to the modern and sleek design Toyota has used throughout the inside of the vehicle and trust us when we say it really makes a difference. As for storage, the cab is lacking when it comes to secure lockers but that really is a minor inconvenience when put against all the Proace City Electric’s positives. Besides, the rear of the van is so capable and spacious you’ll likely have no real use for copious cab lockers anyway.

It must be said that in comparison to many other modern electric vans the Toyota certainly lags behind when it comes to technology. There are no large touch screens or interior gadgets for example. Nevertheless, for many tradespeople, this makes almost no difference to their opinions on a van.

What’s more, Toyota has really made a statement with the payload statistics of this van. Their figures show it can handle up to 800 kg of weight which by city van standards is more than enough.

Pros & Cons


  • High payload

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Great value for money


  • One trim option

  • Little technology

  • Not much safety equipment

The Verdict

In short, the Proace City Electric is an extremely capable and modern van which is more than adequate for city driving. The electric motor is a true gem and gives drivers both range and significant power for towing and heavy payloads. What’s more, the vehicle is brilliant value for money and will certainly stand the test of time. So, if you’re an eco-conscious tradesperson and need a new city van then the Proace City Electric is arguably the best option on the market today.

If this new Toyota sounds like the van for you then here at Van Sales UK we can help. Contact our friendly staff today and we can talk you through all of the options available.


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