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Toyota Proace City Van Review

July 21st, 2023

The Toyota Proace City Van at a glance

If you’re looking for a compact and nifty city vehicle then this edition of the Toyota Proace might be the one for you. The Toyota Proace City van had its initial release in 2020, building on the award-winning success that the original Proace has enjoyed since it emerged in 2016.

Like the original, the city model offers a competitive payload alongside a comfortable driving experience to help you navigate narrow streets and tight corners with ease. This is perfect for sole traders with small or medium sized businesses, whether you need your vehicle for the transportation of building materials or for the delivery of courier parcels.

Read on to learn more about the specification and interior of the Toyota Proace City van, with a look at the various industries it would be perfect for.

Engines and Spec

The Toyota Proace City provides drivers with two trim levels, the Active and the Icon, with the latter providing a slightly more high-tech and fully kitted out option at a higher price point. Each trim option features the same 1.5 litre turbo diesel engine, with power options of either 75 or 100 hp. The 75 hp engine compromises on torque and payload, but provides a lower cost option compared to the smooth long-distance driving power of the 100 hp model.

Overall both options present a refined and quiet driving experience, as the front part of the van’s chassis is sourced from the PSA Group’s passenger car range. You may notice an unsettled suspension when the vehicle is empty, but once loaded this discomfort is quickly forgotten.

The Proace City is available in two body length options to suit your particular requirements. The L1 features a body length of 4403 mm, whilst the L2 measures an impressive 4753 mm. If you’re looking for additional roof space on the L2, then you may be disappointed, as both length options provide a maximum height of 1880 mm.


The most impressive interior feature of the Proace City is its storage capabilities, where cargo volumes of up to 3.9 metres for the L2 model and an optional payload of up to one tonne help this van to stand out from other compact vehicles on the market. This extra storage space is perfect for transporting heavy electrical or plumbing equipment between jobs, or storing cumbersome scaffolding poles across the length of the vehicle.

The load area measures 2167 mm in length for the L2 model, going down to 1817 mm for the more compact L1. These impressive capacities are sure to appeal to a range of industries, whether you’re looking to store long rolls of turf or bulky strimmer tools as part of your landscaping business.

As standard the more basic Active model includes a DAB and Bluetooth radio unit, whilst the Icon’s interior is a little more flashy. The Icon offers an 8 inch touchscreen complete with front and rear parking sensors, cruise control and Apple CarPlay, whilst this model also comes complete with additional upfront storage. These Icon features help to make the Proace the perfect choice for long-distance drives, whether you’re picking up construction materials out of town or completing a time consuming parcel delivery route.

This vehicle also includes the Toyota Safety Sense suite, which provides drivers with road sign assist and options for lane departure warnings and fatigue alerts. These safety features are ideal for helping you to navigate tight suburban areas on the job, where you will want to reach your customers punctually but also safely. Notably this array of features overlooks Surround Rear Vision and Flank Guard options, which are available on other competing van models in this size category.

Overall both the Active and Icon models are looking to provide you with driving comfort, where a spacious interior and large steering wheel can help to make your journeys more enjoyable. A carpeted interior combined with electric windows and air-con features are designed to keep you comfortable, whilst a large glovebox and extra storage behind the steering wheel allows you to keep all your belongings on hand. This is essential if you’re looking to organise customer invoices or store smaller tools inside your vehicle.

Pros & Cons


  • Competitive payload and storage capabilities

  • Excellent range of interior features included with the Icon trim

  • A quiet driving experience perfect for city navigation


  • Misses some safety features available on comparable van models

  • Lacking in height options for the L2 model

  • The standard Active trim is very basic

The Verdict

The Toyota Proace City van combines everyday comfort with practical storage options and a range of exciting driving features. Choose this vehicle if you’re looking for compact city navigation without compromising on payload.

At Van Sales UK, we supply a wide range of vehicles to suit whatever industry requirements you may have. Our range includes new, used and electric vehicles, where you can also check out the Toyota e-Proace City today.

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