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Toyota ProAce City vs Toyota ProAce City Electric

January 24th, 2023

Since the invention of the conventional engine in the late 1800s, vans and cars have been powered by diesel and petrol fuels. Of course, these fuels have almost single-handedly powered the revolution of the car and now these vehicles are seen all over the globe. Diesel engines are convenient, powerful, and easy to maintain, which is, of course, why they have become so popular. However, there is no denying that diesel vehicles now have a new kid on the block who is ready to take over the mantle.

This is, of course, the electric motor. Electric vehicles are now rising in popularity at an exponential rate and there are some pretty major reasons for this. Naturally, one of the main reasons for this rise is the growing threat of climate change. Within the last few years, scientists have continued to release evidence which suggests that thanks to our contributions, temperatures around the world are rising at an alarming rate. There are many actions that we can take to help mitigate this situation, but one of these actions is removing your reliance on fossil fuels.

It should be noted though that electric technology is fairly young in its development and it’s not for everyone right now. Your circumstances might suit electric technology and in this blog, we’ll try to make the decision a little easier for you. Keep reading to find out which van is best for your lifestyle.

Engines and Spec

All of the diesel options in Toyota Proace City use the same 1.5-litre Stellantis engine. This engine is incredibly well respected around Europe and many other passenger cars use it. As such, it is known for its reliability and capability and you can certainly trust the Stellantis engine to power your vehicle for years to come.

You can purchase the Proace City with a few engine options. First, there is the BlueHDi 100, which comes with 100 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Then there is the BlueHDi 130, which has a capable 130hp. These engines are incredibly powerful for the small van’s size and make the vehicles incredibly comfortable to drive.

Then, of course, we have the electric model. The electric motor is incredibly capable as well and making a decision between the two will probably come down to a few other factors. Here are the statistics for the Proace City Electric.

The electric vehicle comes with a 100kW electric motor, which produces a healthy amount of power for this van, considering its size. The vehicle is incredibly fast, which makes it drive more like a car than anything else. Many van drivers look out for this feature when it comes to driving vans as it will make your journey far more comfortable. This motor in question is capable of 136 hp and an impressive 260 Nm of torque. This amount of power from a small electric motor is unquestionably impressive. However, you can reduce the motor’s output to 110 hp and 210 Nm of torque to save some battery power.


In terms of the interior, both of these vans are in fact very similar. They are both unquestionably comfortable and feature a variety of brilliant modern features. Of course, this is to be expected in an up-to-date van model, but the Toyota Proace really is a class above many of its rivals. Both of the vans have a car-like feel to them, with brilliant visibility and wide comfortable seats. While you may not think that this is essential in a van, you will certainly thank Toyota after your first few morning commutes!

Both the electric and the diesel variants feature a large multimedia display on the dashboard which can play the music on your phone through Bluetooth. Aside from this, there is also an incredibly useful secure locker on the dash so you can stow away your technology, such as phones and tablets safely.

The Verdict/Snap shot

Naturally, when it comes to running costs, the electric variant really blows the diesel model out of the water. Up until 2025, you won’t have to pay any road tax at all on the electric model. What’s more, you can charge your car for free from many rapid charging stations up and down the country and it’ll cost you very little from your mains power as well! We’re sure you’ve also encountered a clean air zone or congestion charge in a large city recently. Well, with the electric model, you’ll usually be completely exempt from these charges as well!

In terms of payload, the diesel model wins this one. The small van is capable of a commendable 1,000kg. The electric model is still impressive on this front, however, it doesn’t quite produce the same numbers. The Proace City Electric can handle 800kg, which is still very impressive, especially considering the weight of the batteries in the chassis.

The choice is quite naturally a difficult one to weigh up however whichever model you choose we can certainly help. Make sure to contact us today to speak with our experienced staff!


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